Along with a colleague, @dzulli , I'm conducting a survey of Mastodon developers, admins, and users. If you would, please take our survey:

We're focusing on "freedom of expression."

For more info on the survey, see


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@robertwgehl is only Mastodon usage specifically of interest? I'm asking as I'm using (and managing my instances of) Pleroma and Friendica, both of which are compatible with Mastodon but actually aren't Mastodon.

@mathias Unfortunately, yes. This is because we have to focus for a paper. My long term goal is to do expansive work on the fedi as a whole, but for now, we're focusing on Mastodon.

@robertwgehl @dzulli the promise of an Amazon gift card is making me positively want to avoid this survey

@robertwgehl @dzulli gonna quote this here for convenience:

"Because of where we work, we are using Qualtrics for the survey, and the only real way to compensate people and protect people’s private information is by using Amazon gift cards. We realize you may not share the same values as Amazon. We talked about this problem at length and decided to go ahead with the incentives. If you have interest in doing the survey but no interes in Amazon, you can skip the final questions of the survey."

@carcinopithecus @dzulli Yes... I realize.

I feel about as good about using Amazon as I do using Zoom for work.

@robertwgehl @dzulli I'm wondering whether the framing through "freedom of speech" (a very US-centric concept) skews the results and in what way...

@robertwgehl @dzulli "freedom of speech" is used in each of the first three paragraphs, while "freedom of expression" is used once on the whole page.

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