Journalism studies scholars:

Do you have any recommended articles examining how journalists cover technology? Not how journalists *use* technology, but about the "technology beat"?


This came out the other day:

"This report argues that consumer technology reviewers have failed their basic nominal purpose of critiquing tools. Instead, inspired by values introduced by Apple in the late 1990s, the tech review industry prioritizes aesthetic lust as the primary critical factor for evaluating objects. The reification of these values in their scoring system is transmitted to consumers and manufacturers alike. Like other prurient things, the objects designed within this paradigm are optimized not for usefulness but for photogenic and telegenic properties, a framework that finds its fullest realization in YouTube reviews and unboxing videos. There, even the intimation of critical rigor within tech reviewing vanishes, the smartphone becomes the center of gravity, and manufacturers are even further incentivized to design products for end consumers who are less users than viewers."

@rra @robertwgehl this is important work, but ffs why does the website have to be so impossibly annoying and hard to use?..


@rysiek @rra I'm afraid I agree regarding the design of the site. I could not figure out what was happening -- never seen a mouse pointer become a navigational tool before (except maybe in 1990s-era dungeon crawlers)

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@robertwgehl @rysiek @rra yeah I was super confused when I first clicked the link. It wasn’t working on iOS at first.

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