Follow and on other instances: any interest in a virtual writing group this summer? I've chatted with a few people who are looking for such support.

@robertwgehl see
I have signed up with a specific group (international women academics WIASN) but haven't used it yet.
I guess students have been doing this for ages in an informal way

@ckohtala @robertwgehl I was doing this with a colleague a few times back in High Pandemic and we were floored at how useful it was... I should get back in the habit!

@pence ah, you've inspired me. I need to get some stuff written up and I've been procrastinating.
Focusmate (even though it's a formal platform and not p2p) recommends a protocol of beginning, middle and end interactions and that structure would probably "recruit" me into practice (as practice theory would say) more than a more informal interaction would. also it reduces vulnerabilities re what one is working on, and personal sense of 'achievement' or not.

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