Does anyone know of any or news organizations actively using the Fediverse?

Boosts welcome.

I love the . If I asked such a question on the birdsite, I'd probably get buried by their algorithm. I have twice as many followers on the birdsite but that results in about 1/10 of the smart discussion I get here. A few likes is all I get on the birdsite.

Here I get a whole slew of great answers. Thanks to all of you!

@robertwgehl something like ?

@robertwgehl There's also the 🇩🇪 comedy show @zdfmagazin with its host @janboehm. By the way, they got 2 Mastodon servers: (used internally) and (for the public).

@robertwgehl There used to be a fair amount on, but eventually stopped maintaining that instance. Some of the accounts presumably migrated to other instances.

I don't know about English ones but there are quite a few French news organizations on Fedi (10 or so) but I'm not sure the journalists have personal accounts.
If your interested I can try to find the post linking them again


Emma Audrey @emms (toots en français) is a journalist who joined the Fediverse last month.

@lydiaconwell Looking at masthead, it does appear that it is intended for journalists, but looking deeper it looks like they allow just anyone to sign up and there are a lot of spammy accounts. It's too bad -- I was excited when I saw it at first! Seems like a good idea that just must not be moderated.

@robertwgehl Probably all the journalists prefer the antagonism and wider audience of Twitter.

@robertwgehl agreed... but... it does make sense that a question about active Fediverse users is more likely to get answers on the Fediverse...

For comparison: my posts about research gain much more traction on the birdsite, should I post there too. Unfortunately, most active IR researchers are not active here.

@robertwgehl Depending on where you draw the line:

Steven Vaughn-Nichols
Esther Schindler
Jack Ryan @dctrjack

@robertwgehl @TheGuardian
We should get George Monbiot on here, he'd be up for this.

@robertwgehl in Spain we have El Salto over here. But the Social Media Manager is on parental leave right now!

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