Just got done recording an episode of the Rational Ignorance Podcast, where I was asked about alternative social media. As usual, I tend to use as my key example.

probably a silly question, but is there any place I can easily see the things I've marked as favorite/starred over the course of my time on Masto?

EDM creators, want to drive a user insane? Use that Maro koopa-troopa shell sound in your music.

Please turn off your adblocker while using .


I kid, I kid. No ads here, my friends

Pretty fascinating. I wrote a piece a few years back (journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/1) on a dark web social networking site. The people who ran it and participated in it were very much like many instances: they were tired of corporate social media and were making an alternative.

The piece is getting cited, but apparently by people who don't read. Many citations simply refer to the DWSN as a "hacker community" or a "social network for criminals" or the like.

Question: one of the things that bugs me about Twitter culture is inaccessibility. People take screenshots of text and post them. Here on , with the longer Toot character limit, perhaps that's less of a problem. But what about other issues, like alt attributes (or lack of them) on image? Or other accommodations for ? I'm guessing there are people working on these?

Two grad students and I are doing research on and "the politics of federation," and so far for data/materials, we've collected: interviews with admins, 70 Masto threads on the topic, dozens of blog posts, and ~170 Masto CoC statements. It seems like a lot, but... what are we missing? Suggestions welcome!

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