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I'm in Calgary, AB for my Fulbright, and I bring with me books, guitars, and -30c weather

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A mindless consuming machine, it will attack and devour anything.

Coming this holiday season to a dump near you.

Does anyone remember a weird mix of random snippets of holiday songs sung by an elf "from hell"? I can't find the link. If anyone can find it, please send it ASAP. Family is asking for music and I want to oblige.

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Fulbright Canada 

Hey I really don't like the word "data". Like really at all. It's not that I don't like evidence, that I don't like math, or statistics, or anything like that. It's just that every time I hear it I feel like the massive advertising campaign that's been launched at us to convince us of the existence of a completely quantitative universe which can be understood by very rich companies (and us too if we buy their products and study things that are useful for them) has been allowed to succeed.

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2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.


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