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Rob Hughes @robhughes

Hello! I teach normative business at the School. My main research questions:

1) Ethical limits on law enforcement. Should all good laws be enforced? Should all important criminal laws be enforced with prison?

2) Economic civil disobedience and the ethics of obeying the law. When, if ever, is it OK to treat fines as a cost of doing business?

3) Transactional justice. Consent is not always enough to make an economic transaction ethical. What else is needed?

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@robhughes Hi welcome :)

Great to have another ethicist here!

@robhughes As for 3, there's a huge body of literature in medical research ethics about the limits of informed consent that may be relevant to your interests

@bgcarlisle Thanks for the welcome! One of my interests is in how views of transactional justice in business ethics and in medical ethics differ. Are there justifications for having different standards in these two domains? If not, who (if anyone) got the ethics right?

@robhughes Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of the fediverse!

For (1) when you say 'prison' do you mean 'prison' specifically or does that expand to things like close supervision/probation and other less destructive oversight/penalty regimes?

@Azure By "prison," I mean involuntary confinement that
physically separates people from the rest of society.

It's an interesting and difficult question whether other restrictions on movement, such as house arrest and the use of ankle monitors, raise the same ethical concerns as prison.

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