Hi all, my name is Rohan kapitany, and I'm an experimental psychologist in the UK. I study ritual, religion, and the supernatural/fantastical (in adult, children, and cross-cultural contexts). Presently at Keele University, previously a postdoc at Oxford.

I will also tweet about eurorack and D&D, because I'm more than just my job and my research (or I try to be!).

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Buried as a reply:

Here is my scholar profile if you think any of that sounds interesting:

(Can provide OSF account too, if anyone cares).

Also, here's some eurorack. It's fully generative noise-ambient. Maybe not for everyone, but I'm here to find like-minded folks and chew gum, and my breathe is already minty.

@Cacotopos @socrates

It definitely is! I wrote a paper on adult pretend play with D&D as the focus, elaborating the cognitive model of play by Nichols and Stich. Also, trying to get a PhD student off the ground focusing how extensions of identity influence our own 'real' identities.

But also, I just like playing the game (and kinda like being a forever DM).

@rohan @socrates that is actually super cool. A friend of mine started a local business with some therapists running D&D games for kids on the spectrum and various socially affecting anxieties and what not. They absolutely love it (that is, both the kids, the people running the business, and the parents)

@Cacotopos @socrates

Yeah, right now it's a bit niche, and the empirical evidence is sparse (and mostly qualitative). But there's a lot of potential there, especial now that D&D has more presence socially.

(Also, these aren't unlisted either... I'll have to figure out the tricky bits...)

@Cacotopos @rohan @socrates This is why I like this instance! May I follow you both, please?

@absolutwillie @Cacotopos

Sure, follow approved. My professional email is if you have questions that require more than 500 characters.

@rohan Sounds interesting! Following and welcome to the Fediverse.

@rohan your topic sounds really interesting!
Welcome to fediverse!

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