We started a small LaTeX package to collect semantic math commands, such that the math formula you write are a little easier to read github.com/kellertuer/MathSema or checkout the docs at ronnybergmann.net/MathSemantic

@hinkle Oh, I even know that Paper, just did not have all authors in mind – very cool.

@hendrikerz maybe because it is a little smaller and more concentrated on Science? But I think I like this as well :)

@hendrikerz I will only be able to tell you in June, because I have not yet been back in Germany since I left 02/2021.

@BenediktEhinger ah that I wanted to turn into an extension to Franklin one day (when I find out how to read that from .bib instead of from yaml) - and it is well-hand-knittened after reading from the yaml...but thanks :)

@BenediktEhinger Cool! mine is not even that fancy as yours with your html5-modern look, but very cool that my page was useful to get started :)

Hi, i'm Ronny, working at NTNU, Trondheim, doing numerical mathematics and optimisation on Riemannian manifolds.

@hendrikerz same here in Norway for example with cash money. Haven't used (not even seen) cash money for about a year (and actually only once since I am here).

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