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I have the pleasure of being in a harsh noise & poetry project with the kickass @neocolapsar

We're called Uma parede de ouvidos (A wall of ears).

And we've released a debut album, 'o abraço do zumbido esteroscópico':


"1960: (Cage was 48) Cage was talking continually about Nothing-ness. I asked him: 'What about...when you die, you burn all the tapes and scores and leave to music history only one like: "there lived a man called John Cage"?' Cage answered: 'It would be too dramatic.'"

- Nam June Paik in 1993

Today in creative writing, me & the students performed Fluxus event-scores. I split the room into partners. Each partner selected a random card with a different event-score. They had 30 minutes to figure out how to stage it. The card me & a student got:


A placement.
A fragment in time is identified.
Brief choreography.

Ken Friedman"

‘It is important to remember that we are free to make art and poetry out of anything: a loaf of bread, some beans, a hasty jotting on the train.'

- Alison Knowles

"Extremes are extreme, extremely."

- Philip Corner

"Watt’s smile was further peculiar in this, that it seldom came singly, but was followed after a short time by another, less pronounced it is true. In this it resembled the fart."

- Samuel Beckett, Watt

This is the first hurricane/tropical storm I've been in that's COLD. It's raw outside.

Half the time someone pulls out the word 'dialectic,' I think, 'do you even know what that term means?'

In the 70s at the University of Buffalo, Gerald O'Grady's Center for Media Study had media pioneers Paul Sharits, Hollis Frampton, Tony Conrad, Paul Weibel, James Blue, & Woody & Steina Vasulka all teaching at the same fucking time! To be a fly on a wall then!

I've been watching Paul Sharits' flicker films from the 1960s: Razor Blades, End War/Peace Mandala, T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G. They're some of the most fucking amazing films ever. They rewire your fucking brain. Must sees.

Who is the reader, after all? A ghost projection of transmitter anxieties?

"This common world has to be built from utterly heterogenous parts that will never make a whole, but at best a fragile, revisable, and diverse composite material."

- Walter Benjamin

Reading Barry Jenkins' edited collection of the filmmaker Hollis Frampton's essays: On the Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters. I'm wicked impressed with Frampton as an essay writer. He's truly exploratory, taking readers on a journey with his thoughts. While reading them, you don't quite know where Frampton is going until BINGO it all comes together in a flash of illumination. Highly recommend for all lovers of photography & film.

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