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I have the pleasure of being in a harsh noise & poetry project with the kickass @neocolapsar

We're called Uma parede de ouvidos (A wall of ears).

And we've released a debut album, 'o abraço do zumbido esteroscópico':


In the 70s at the University of Buffalo, Gerald O'Grady's Center for Media Study had media pioneers Paul Sharits, Hollis Frampton, Tony Conrad, Paul Weibel, James Blue, & Woody & Steina Vasulka all teaching at the same fucking time! To be a fly on a wall then!

I've been watching Paul Sharits' flicker films from the 1960s: Razor Blades, End War/Peace Mandala, T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G. They're some of the most fucking amazing films ever. They rewire your fucking brain. Must sees.

Who is the reader, after all? A ghost projection of transmitter anxieties?

"This common world has to be built from utterly heterogenous parts that will never make a whole, but at best a fragile, revisable, and diverse composite material."

- Walter Benjamin

Reading Barry Jenkins' edited collection of the filmmaker Hollis Frampton's essays: On the Camera Arts and Consecutive Matters. I'm wicked impressed with Frampton as an essay writer. He's truly exploratory, taking readers on a journey with his thoughts. While reading them, you don't quite know where Frampton is going until BINGO it all comes together in a flash of illumination. Highly recommend for all lovers of photography & film.

"Photographs, to the joy or misery of all who make them, invariably tell us more than we want to know."

- Hollis Frampton, "For a Metahistory of Film: Commonplace Notes & Hypotheses"

"Old art's authors have the gift for language, the talent for language, the ease for language.

For new art's authors language is an enigma, a problem: the book hints at ways to solve it."

- Ulises Carrión, "The New Art of Making Books" (1975)

public notice: throughout the history of non-stick pans, many things have become stuck to non-stick pans.

Mexican multi-disciplinary artist Ulises Carrión really deserves more love & respect from folks. A true pioneer who didn't give a shit about formal boundaries. Some cool links:

1.) Second Thoughts, a book of essays on book design:

2.) Ephemera, a mail art journal:

3.) Poet's Tongue, sound poems:

4.) Exhibit catalogue:

"In a book of the old art words transmit the author's intention. That's why he chooses them carefully.

In a book of the new art words don't transmit any intention: they're used to form a text which is an element of a book, and it is this book, as a totality, that transmits the author's intention."

- Ulises Carrión, "The New Art of Making Books"

In discussing how Western music has been dominated by narrative & rhetorical structures, the composer James Tenney says this to Douglas Kahn:

"It was not important to me for the shape [of the music] to be comprehensible as anything other than an object of perception, certainly not in a narrative or dramatic way, and not as persuasion."

This resonates with me cuz my own artistic practice has been moving in this direction.

Cheerwine is the best damn soda you've probably never had. Carolina folks know what's up.

"The terms noise and tone imply a categorical distinction that I don't believe exists. Every sound we hear has some noise element in it, every sound we actually hear in our environment, including those of the orchestra, and most noises have some tonal aspect to them...But our language is not really very well equipped to deal with what I'm proposing except by...describing a continuum of sounds."

- James Tenney to Douglas Kahn

"This [countercultural production] is no longer a counter-form of sociability, but a much more individualized way of developing one’s own persona in relation to a specific taste. As what one likes or dislikes is often on display through social media, there’s the constant need of curating one’s own taste."

- Mattin to Martina Raponi,

"To say 'this is good Noise' or 'that is bad Noise' is to miss the point."

- Mattin, "Theses on Noise"

"But I am also wondering if the illusion of freedom of choice (in the way that it captures desire and shackles it to individuality) is the earliest seduction of the western citizen - a thorn planted in the somatic field of the mind, around which the subject develops like a callosity."

- Barry Esson

Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" is rock's greatest fuck-you song, punk 10 years before punk emerged.

On a Godard rewatching marathon. This week so far, I've seen: À Bout de Souffle, Masculin Feminin, Le Chinoise, Week-End.

Up next: Le Petit Soldat, King Lear, Tout Va Bien, British Sounds/See You at Mao, Le Vent d'est, Notre Musique

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