I'm getting a kick out of MoMA's attempts to conserve Dieter Roth's artworks, many of which Roth clearly wanted to rot away. It's an interesting idea: what should a conservator do when the artist embraces entropy & rot? While I would let them rot uninterrupted, MoMA is taking a slightly different approach. A cool short video: youtube.com/watch?v=FpUtsUnuDI

When editing my own writing, the best plan of action: TAKE OUT MORE WORDS.

@hecanjog I came across this film clip of George Lewis performing Rainbow Family & thought of you!

"The resultant [concrete] poems, if executed with the same care given to projects by the best graphic designers, are logos and slogans for the corporate sponsors of Jorge Luis Borges's Library of Babel...these imaginary businesses, and the advertising campaigns that support them, promote a poetic dreamscape of alphabetic strangeness."

- Canadian concrete poet derek beaulieu on his methods, from "another piece of reassuring plastic"

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just wondered what an ascii emoticon looks like, when you take it as an input of an ascii text generator and take the result of that and give it to some glitch text generator and feed the result again to some ascii text generator…



A student wrote me an extensive email in which each sentence ends with an exclamation point. I love it. I imagine them writing this with the manic enthusiasm of "On the Road"-era Kerouac.

Philip Guston & Clark Coolidge poem-picture collaboration from the 1970s.

time =
putty slink,
stretchy womp,
skittering &
with my

for john lee hooker


Bubbie's pickles are the real fucking deal. No vinegar, just fermentation zing.

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tomorrow a very special rendition of M. Delak's piece for 5 contemporary performers called "Just for Today"

if you are into slow evolving art, somewhat aesthetically bare/stripped down, (my) sounds, or any stage art for that matter, you'd not want to miss this. Not sure if we'll ever do this again in this way.

tix.emanat.si (DAMAGE: 5€)

tomorrow, Tue. 20.4 - 20:00 CEST mytime.io/8pm/CEST

#ownCast #SuperCollider #ContemporaryDance #streaming #live

I appreciate artists & thinkers who change their methods so radically that they end up criticizing their previous work.

Nothing is more boring than an creator satisfied with their initial approach.

My wife taught me how to sew a few months ago & I'm now using the new skill to bind some zines.

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My new EP "Nautilus" is out on Bandcamp this Friday!

Here's a short remix clip for it that I posted earlier this month.

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FINALLY!!! A selected poetry collection of Korean master Yi Sang has been translated into English! Woo hoo!!!: wavepoetry.com/products/yi-san

Bandcamp Daily did a feature on Mills College's experimental musical legacy. A timely tribute since the college is beginning the closing process this year: daily.bandcamp.com/features/mi

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Who out there speaks Dutch... Are these still called Auto Pyjamas? That's adorable.

(from the Dutch auto magazine De Auto, 15 August 1957)

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