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"We high-tech archaeologists searching for knick-knacks." --> Deltron 3030

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Ad for Computer Lib / Dream Machines in the same issue. January 1977.

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Thinking about how spam and robocalls have basically made it so calling or emailing somebody is weird and suspicious

Folks know of any cool online archives of early computer art? I'm digging into the work of Kenneth Knowlton, Michael Noll, Herbert Franke, but would love to know any other cool artists...

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"retail turducken of phone addiction" is Samantha Cole's hilarious description of Instagram's Checkout feature, currently in testing:

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W.S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin's theories of language as a virus that controls us stimulate some great conversations in a writing class. Also, students really respond to doing cut-ups; it allows them to twist our culture's bombarding messages. For interested folks, UbuWeb currently hosts a number of awesome & weird Burroughs & Gysin materials online!

Woah. Just used the Lynx browser for the first time in my life. Trippy!

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Ernie Smith explores how the telegraph's ghost lives on in our internet technologies:

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Hello! I am a master of science student in Belgium focusing on communication, new media and society. I have a particular interest towards ICTs and human-centered innovation.

I'm also rather interested in the broad topic of media literacy, and particularly raising awareness towards the 'digital divide' and 'immaterial labor 2.0'.

I am still learning everyday, and I am hoping to have the chance to share some of my thoughts and research with this community.


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dear hackers, why are none of you hacking and deleting student debt records?

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Spring Break is supposed to refresh us, but upon returning to teach, I always feel like some cosmic force has deleted my memory..."what were we doing again?"

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6 ways to make Cthulhu emoticons


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I finished 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism' by Shoshana Zuboff last night. Was a beast to get through, and the last quarter feels a bit loose, but overall very happy I read it. Radical and likely prescient!

Feel like it would be a smart addition to a Fediverse-"starter pack" ("Welcome to the Fediverse, here's your copy of x, y, and 'Age of Surveillance Capitalism'")

A squirrel played chicken with me. The squirrel won.

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Before the internet (BBS era) and for a good while after it I felt like I was living in two separate realities - the online world and its culture was so different than the offline world.

Now everyone is online all the time - and I still feel the difference. Because they're living a different online world than I do, and I don't like what theirs has to offer.

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