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"We high-tech archaeologists searching for knick-knacks." --> Deltron 3030

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Time to welcome a new member of the team, @nydel! Time to celebrate 🎂 🎈 🎉 ❗ They are currently working on an article about definitions of hacking

An Asheville beer flight shot with the retroboy camera app.

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Hello! I am working on restoring a 1930s Montdomery-Ward "Airline" radio. This is my first restoration attempt, so sorry if the answer is obvious. I need to replace the large electrolytic capacitors on top, but I don't know where to fine their specs. Any help is appreciated.

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Hey, can anyone recommend some ongoing-story webcomics to me? I just caught up with Questionable Content, so I could use something to fill that void.

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I might be a partisan here, but I think Twitter mirrors or twittering bots or retweeting droids or whatever you wish to call 'em should be banned on Mastodon. Commit to fediversing y'all! It's like when Facebook set up a Tor site...

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Greetings humans! We have another article up, this one written by @rusty! It is a group of less technical thoughts on improving anonymity online. Hope you enjoy! kse5vsklszkdm6tnqzbrd6ry2ohrql

My article on @RhizomatixBlog, which covers Mastodon, is now cross-posted on the Social Media Alternatives Project site curated by the ever-insightful @robertwgehl & Co. Check out the post, but be sure to explore the site! it's a goldmine of information on those seeking to break out of big Tech:

Boo to the omnipresence of Google analytics...

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@rusty -- initial feedback on #ssb UX:

1) installation. AppImage works well on Debian 9. Manyverse available on F-Droid/Play Store.

2) pubs. firehose, slow indexing, use a lot of flumedb space which can't be pruned even after unfollow.

3) multi-device. want to share identity between phone/laptop.

4) GUI. Patchwork is awesome. Manyverse lacks photos and private messages, doesn't run in background. Want WiFi Direct.

5) CLI: sbot inline help broken. docs out of date re: running a pub.

Weird Mastodon thing: so you have to both block AND mute someone's account if you don't want them to appear in your home timeline when someone else boosts them.

Lately, I'm noticing a missing component in a lot of discussions about a decentralizing the internet: the need for simplicity. Anyone encounter any writing on keeping decentralized networks simple?

Man, disabling JavaScript is a game changer. Why did I wait so long?

Annoyed that Masto accounts I block still appear in my home feed when someone boosts a post from them. Any way to stop this from happening? I'm over seeing any communications from Gargron at this point...

New @RhizomatixBlog post on Freenet from @syrinx. Check it out on either Tor or Gopher. Links:
Tor: kse5vsklszkdm6tnqzbrd6ry2ohrql
Gopher: gopher://

I may be a simpleton with the command line, but I'm really beginning to love it!

Jeezy Petes, I'm becoming more & more aware that Cloudflare is everywhere. A gluttonous cloud indeed.

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