"Ode to Southern stoner sludge metal"

The smoking roach sprouted wings. It flew right out my mouth.

The barred owls are out in the neighborhood, calling out, "Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you?"

Reading an old interview with Chan Marshall (Cat Power), she talks about wandering the South for a couple years in the late 90s until she saw the sign for Prosperity, South Carolina (not far from me!).

She then rented a small house where she felt "surrounded by 150 trillion spirits pressing against my glass, trying to get in." She then wrote the songs for Moon Pix.

Yup, the South Carolina Midlands can have that effect on you sometimes.

Tonight in the cool night air, I'm listening to an old haunting favorite from Georgia: Vic Chesnutt:


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cooking mysticism 

Bacon sizzling in the pan is hypnotic.

It's a Lambchop kind of night, gotta marinate in those warped, hushed 90s alt-country vibes:


I appreciate the poetry of the term "linguistic swamping" to describe how Isleño Spanish in Louisiana's Saint Bernard Parish was over-run by English through "mandatory public education, military service, and economic interaction with mainstream American culture."


I went hiking through Santee State Park & found Spanish moss wrapping itself around longleaf pines. Quite pretty.

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Is it up to the community to do everything it can to prevent particular technologies from falling into some particular hands? Or do we have to re-invent technologies? Could it be a mission to reconstruct a technology so that it becomes unattractive to some?

This semester is all kinds of AAAAH!

But somehow we persist.

After telling students that they will create fact-checking reports on an online article, I have so many students sending me fact-checking reports as their article of choice. I'm like, "Choosing a fact-checking report kind of defeats the purpose of our assignment, doesn't it?"

"If you build it, they will come."

Said about hipsters flocking to overpriced coffee shops.

Next fall I'm going to finally be able to visit Louisiana & when I do, I'm totally eating boudin in a gas station.

crockpot, south carolina-inspired 

Pork shoulders cooked on low for 10 hours in mustard sauce.

Even though I wasn't born in the South Carolina Midlands, I'm a fierce partisan for their mustard BBQ sauce.

Still baffled about the concept of buying debt.

"Image" by Henry Dumas

The high hills of hell
are low around me.

@Cyborgneticz This Joel Savoy & Linzay Young rendition of "Allons Boire Un Coup" always gets me amped in the morning:


Southern U.S. food history 

Jonathan Olivier writes this essay for the Bitter Southerner about the importance of filé, or powdered dried sassafras leaves, to Louisiana cuisine. The piece also looks at the tangled origins of gumbo as a dish.

It's good writing!:


sc murder case; good-ole-boyism 

So many of many students are fascinated by a series of murders & deaths surrounding the Murdaughs, a Lowcountry clan with too much political sway. I'm baffled by their fascination. I'm like, "Don't y'all already know the murderous corruption & oppression that good-ole-boy politics has wreaked in this state?"

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