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College admins: "To increase student engagement, we're prescribing the Ludovico treatment for all students!"

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Is there a way to get a visual diff where you can go back and forth between the files and highlight where they differ?
I'm thinking like how watch -d highlights things but you hit a key to switch from one file to another.

It's winter in South Carolina. It's so warm that crickets are singing outside. This is an omen.

Viewing PDFs in night mode?! What a game-changer!!

So South Carolina is now #2 in the country for COVID infection rates. I see we're at our old game of being #1 at all the wrong things!

About time someone did a metal song called "Bring Me the Head of Varg Vikernes." Cuz fuck that fascist murderer's persistent grip on metal communities. Bonus: song proceeds go to a Scottish rape crisis center: necrotisingfasciitis.bandcamp.

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I think it's "assessment creep," a reflection of how colleges now need to justify their existence by quantifying everything...

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I have colleagues who evaluate every little thing students produce. And I'm like, "This doesn't seem healthy for the students or the faculty."

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I often wonder if undergraduate life has gotten more difficult since my own college days. And I'm not even thinking of the pandemic. Students nowadays have to do all this time-sensitive work on multiple platforms. Their work process is also intensely monitored. I think back to my college classes & remember professors being like, "I'll lecture. Take notes. Or don't. Pass this paper in by the end of the week. If you do that, we're good." This no longer seems the case.

On a gloomy Monday morn, I'm finding Underdark, a Nottingham anti-fascist black metal unit, a fitting office soundtrack: underdark.bandcamp.com/music

In the low-quality mp3 rips of 1980s metal band demo cassettes I swear I can hear past the muffled static & spot the oncoming whoosh of our collective doom...

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#pixelfed #fediverse
does anyone know how to federate a pixelfed instance with other instances? i want to feed my new pixelfed!

Southern Gothic micro-story 

The drunk ghost of George Jones rides his blood-splattered mower through the lonesome Texas night.

jenny hval, "girls against god" quote 

"Imagine if churches hadn't needed to be burnt or gravestones toppled, but instead black metallers had reconsidered the craft and the traditions. Imagine if they had broken into churches and redecorated them to make spaceships, radical pirate radio stations and queer clubs...or maybe dropped a glitter bomb."

Tfw when you suspect that your college's marketing dept. has learned to speak English from exclusively watching TED talk videos.

Reading Jenny Hval's novel "Girls Against God" right now & holy hell it's awesome: feminism, horror, black metal, meditations on the nature of writing. I'm only about a third into it, but already I'm like, "Check it out!": versobooks.com/books/3631-girl

odd soda time 

I finally got to try Dr. Brown's Celery Soda. It's weirdly refreshing!

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