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I admire the unpretentious nature of Morton Feldman's music theory:

"[Stockhausen] had asked me what my secret was. 'I don't push the sounds around.'"

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Student exams, disadvantaged, privacy, AI in the time of COVID-19 

Enjoying this archive of John Cage's scored 1-minute indeterminacy stories:

Pulp's "Common People" still kicks ass all these years later.

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The Public Domain Tapes podcast is live! If you haven't already listened, please listen and let me know what you think!

In these crazy times, 1960s Congolese rumba has been a soul-balm. Jamming to this song right:

I really wish I didn't need to rely on data-hungry platforms--Zoom & their ilk--for remote teaching, but both Jitsi & D2L Virtual Classroom [part of my college's learning management system] went crazy beserk when used! The lack of viable FLOSS options in teleconferencing is disconcerting.

Ordered a cassette from LA noisician/music concretist John Wiese & it came hand-painted with sparkle paint!

pierre schaeffer on writing's limits 

This image of a Los Angeles Free Music Society member captures my mood after a week of surprise!-we're-now-online teaching.

I want to print a book of poems on one of those paint swatch decks

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French-language request (commonly used words checking tool) 

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🔊 Every last Monday of the month, Kyosk/Interym, a small bar and DIY space in Freiburg, hosts “matriarchic monday” by the feminist DJ collective femBPM. Today, Viper3000 and I would have played there. Since it is closed, each of us recorded a set.

If you like twisted electronic dance music, off-kilter beats, a little bit of House and crude mixing, here’s mine (on SoundCloud):

Glenn Gould's CBC radio documentaries--my favorite is "The Quiet in the Land," about Canadian Mennonites--with their orchestrated layers of simultaneous voices are some of the most mesmerizing, radical 20th-century sound work:

Pierre Schaeffer hears the ghost in the machine...

punk fury w/o electric guitar 

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"It’s long been theorized that capital would run into hard limits on its ability to scoop up profits, but Marx clearly failed to account for the innovation of poop cops."

I love how recorded Nigerian highlife songs from the 1960s & 70s will gone on for like 20 minutes, no problem.

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