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I have the pleasure of being in a harsh noise & poetry project with the kickass @neocolapsar

We're called Uma parede de ouvidos (A wall of ears).

And we've released a debut album, 'o abraço do zumbido esteroscópico':


Poem derived from lotería cards 

As a heron sips
from the river, a hand
emerges & snatches
its long beak. A timid
deer watches behind
bankside branches.

A pear-shaped bell
tolls, startling a parrot
prone to cussing.

A drunk cello soundtracks
the steps of a brave man
who never bothered to
get acquainted with death.

Found some vintage of Incredible String Band & Watersons LPs at the local record store. It's going to an afternoon of strong black tea & English freak folk.

Diana Collier, the vocalist of the legedary acid folk troupe The Owl Service, offers a fucking haunting bit of folk horror here with "Ode to Ridley Walker," a track that starts delicate & builds into a drone that sends you somewhere far:

Videos for the tracks His Catatonic Solutions and Untitled Winter Poem, from my collaborative project with artist LTS, Time Disruption Fantasies.
Videos by Yannick Dangin Leconte.

#video #music #experimental

Video for the track I did with mail artist LTS for our project The Butt Pandas. Unfortunately the health issues of LTS got worse and some time later he passed away. The project never went on.

Video by EdEditz and Yannick Dangin Leconte.

#music #video #pokemon #noise

Shekhovtsov's discussion of 'metapolitical fascism' is particularly instructive.

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Scholar Anton Shekhovtsov writes what I still think is the best analysis of how far-right ideologies infiltrated experimental music scenes like industrial, neofolk, black metal, noise. A legit good read on fighting fascism in music scenes:

legendary violence against medieval mystics 

just learned that John the Scot Eriugena's works were burned on the pope's order for "swarming with the worms of heretical perversity" and that, according to legend, he was later stabbed to death by his students' sharpened styluses #goals

And the blessed
thunder croaks
in the slate-hued

"By the hairs on my head
By the stare in my eyes
By the pain in my heart
I shall whisper through signs:
All this world makes great blood"

- The closing lines to Current 93's "All The World Makes Great Blood"

Everything fucks
& rots in this heat,
the leaves exude
their own green
light, I thought I
was kin to this
soil but now see
I am just food.

After conversing with @neocolapsar about our mutual love for Current 93, I'm gonna spend the rest of the morning listening to Current 93 live albums while re-reading my favorite sections of David Keenan's "England's Hidden Reverse: A Secret History of the Esoteric Underground."

I've decided to go public with a discount offer for Mastodon users:

- enter the 25% discount code "mastodon" (no quotes) for the album "After 1989: A Trip to Freedom" at this address:

#mastoart #mastomusic #indie #indiemusic #conceptalbum

/cc thanks to @ru for sharing :)

Listen to Coil's "Musick to Play in the Dark" eith headphones in the dark. Highly fucking recommended.

"On a clear day, I can see forever / that the underworld is my oyster."

- Coil, "Paranoid Inlay"

Watching silent films of Hermann Nitsch 1960s & 1970s art actions while using the eerie power electronics of Frederikke Hoffmeier's Puce Mary as a soundtrack.

"A life takes place between excess & emptiness."

- Hermann Nitsch

It's hotter than a hellmouth today. Backyard thermometer reads 102°F at the moment. Tried mowing some grass. Only lasted for 15 minutes.

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