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"Are we all collage, all dense, tensed, & unlocatable?"
--> Bruce Andrews, review of John Wiener's "Behind the State Capitol"

"The poet is a radio. The poet is a liar. The poet is a counterpunching radio." --> Jack Spicer, "Sporting Life"

"Are we all collage, all dense, tensed, & unlocatable?"
--> Bruce Andrews, review of John Wiener's "Behind the State Capitol"

"I must forget how to write. I must unlearn what was been taught me." - John Wieners, March 8, 1958, "It is to be called 707 Scott Street for Billie Holiday 1959"

20th-century U.S. poets that deserve more attention [list incomplete]:
John Wieners
Pedro Pietri
Frances Chung
Tuli Kupferberg
Muriel Rukeyser
d.a. levy
Jonathan Williams

I always forget hurricanes can spark's like finding out that tiger leap out the mouths of sharks.

"A poet is a time-mechanic not an embalmer. The words around the immediate shrivel and decay like flesh around the body. No mummy-sheet of tradition can be used to stop the process. Objects, words must be led across time not preserved against it." --> Jack Spicer, After Lorca letter

Why do my poems always seem to get better the more words I take out during revisions?

Thoughts in my brain this week: the US educational system fills students with so much anxiety about failing that when an instructor like myself asks them to honestly experiment & not care about results, they go, "WHAT?!?! THIS IS CRAZY!"

PLAN AGAINST LONELINESS --> Bengt af Klintberg

Some yellow seats in all parks, squares, and subway trains, where people who want to be talked to can sit down.

In every city all over the world.

May, 1967

Tuli Kupferberg is one of those mid-century American poets (& member of the Fugs) whose creative subversions are too often neglected. Too bad 'cuz his political rage is funny as fuck. Check out 1001 WAYS TO AVOID THE DRAFT at the Haathi Trust's digital library:

“A question of sudden rises and more time than awfulness is so easy and shady. There is precisely that noise” --> Gertrude Stein

“Take a walk at night, and walk so silently that the bottoms of your feet become ears.” --> Pauline Oliveros, Sonic Meditation: Native

"Only difficulty is stimulating." --> José Lezama Lima

Reading deeply about Ornette Coleman's theory of harmolodics. I enjoy this quote from his liner notes to Sound Museum: "“All [sounds] are expressed as equal information for the players to compose improvise without any reference to a style which lies in the judgment of memory”

I think we still have yet to reckon with the sheer awesomeness that was Ornette Coleman.

Survived the semester's first week. Now it's time for Captain Beefheart's nonsense: "A squid eating dough in a polyethylene bag is fast and bulbous…got me?"

If yr looking for smart writing about experimental music, check out the online journal Sound American. I've been digging the Anthony Braxton & Don Cherry special issues. It's edited by trumpeter Nate Wooley. Available here:

by Amiri Baraka

The only thing we know is the thing
we turn out to be, I don't care what
you think, it's true, now you think
your way out of this

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