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"We high-tech archaeologists searching for knick-knacks." --> Deltron 3030

Wanna collaborate on a zine? 

¡Viva el cassette! 

new poetry blog post: on decolonization 

Martin Sorrondeguy: one of my punk heroes 

Belated R.I.P. to Nanni Balestrini 

punk semiotics 

LatAm punk history (revised with right link) 

I started a poetry blog! 

lawn-mowing & robins: a symbiosis tale 

Alejandra Pizarnik: my fav LatAm poet 

home canning delights 

Oh internet, you rely so much on unearned trust....

revolutionary accordions 

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one reason I love CWs 

Cabral on history vs. culture 

interesting doc on Amílcar Cabral 

Words from Amílcar Cabral 

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First the Internet gave us access to everything. Then it gave everything access to us.

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Alb is a programming language created entirely in arabic, built to "[highlight] cultural biases of computer science and [challenge] the assumptions we make about programming."

it is a tree-walking interpreter in JavaScript. you can watch its creator talk about the language in the vid below

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