Educators: If you wish to aid in the dismantling of a racist police state, you should avoid Zoom at all costs since they've made it abundantly clear they'll willingly team up with law enforcement:

@rusty jitsy is free zoom alternative educators can try that had built in e2ee opt in.

@jessmahler Jitsi can definitely be a useful alternative! The only drawback is that it really only functions with Chrome/Chromium-built browsers.

@jessmahler @rusty I haven't checked in the last couple weeks, but afaik e2ee for jitsi is still work in progress (and admittedly it's not easy to do so in the browser).

On the other hand, there are plenty of public instances hosted by different entities, so you can decide which server admins you want to trust, and hosting your own is an option.

(pretty easy for any competent linux sysadmin (I know, that's definitely not everybody))

@valhalla @rusty The current security page says that there is setting for e2ee in some browsers and the Electron client.

I'm basically an end user who knows a bit of the jargon, so there are probably some issues I'm missing.

@jessmahler @rusty Oh, good. I need to check if this is also available to self-hosted instances or it's just an experimental feature of their own one then!
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