Question for all the linguistics, phil. of language, anthro, history folks on here. I have an undergrad. researching the difference between orality & literacy right now. They're adroitly diving into heavy stuff like Walter Ong & Pierre Nora, etc. This topic is outside my wheelhouse really & wanted to know if they're any great resources I should suggest. Don't worry about them being too jargony, this particular student can handle it.

@rusty I read something recently... Let me see if I can find it.

@rusty "Telling is Listening", Ursula K Le Guin, The Wave of the Mind.

@KnowPresent I am *really* appreciating this book, thank you so much for posting about it! @rusty

@rusty There’s a little bit in Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media, Part II. More from Toronto School? Jacques Derrida has been working his ass off on the difference between spoken and written word in Western philosophy (“Of grammatology”) …

@rusty Just came across this: John DeFrancis, Visible Speech: The Diverse Oneness of Writing Systems, 1989.

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