The Concerning Violence screening went well. Most students never knew that most of Africa was partitioned into colonies up until the mid-20th century. At one moment, we see footage of Portuguese soldiers killing livestock during the war against FRELIMO in Mozambique & a couple students go, "Why would they do that?" I said, "They're trying to starve the population." Their eyes opened wide.

They read an excerpt from Fanon this weekend. Be interesting to see how it goes.

@rusty Justin Podur @justinpodur posts a lot about colonialism.

But he doesn't seem to use Mastodon much, mostly the bird site.

@rusty What is the class you teach?

Last year the French/German ARTE showed a docuseries Décolonisation which was really good. I don't know where it is available now, but I know it has English subtitles.Concerning Violence is much better at giving voice to the subalterns though.

@JosephBeaudreau Thanks for the rec! I teach composition & creative writing at a U.S. community college. I'm using Concerning Violence as an opener on a unit focused on effective use of other sources.

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