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"La revolución es la única manera eficaz y amplia de realizar el amor para todos."
- Juan García Elorrio, seminarista católico y político argentino y guerrillero asesinado en 1970

"A juzgar por su derrotero, la historia de Colombia parece refutar a Marx: la tragedia se repite como la tragedia, aunque la democracia de la que presumen las élites dominantes y la politología norteamericano siempre tenga algo de farsa."
- Hernán Ouviña, "Camilo Torres y el tiempo latinoamericano del amor eficaz"

In Chapter 4 of "Pedagogia do Oprimido"--Freire's letter to revolutionaries everywhere--I love how Myra Bergman Ramos renders the phrase "'hospedeiros' do opressor "--which Freire uses for folks who carry the oppressors around in their brains--as folks "who 'house' the oppressor."

tfw your state health agency says all folks should return to indoors masking, but your state passed a law preventing mask mandates in schools. . .

Peter McLaren in 2015 on Freire's contested legacy:

"And while they [guardians of the state] have not been able to root him out of the philosophy of teaching, they have managed to domesticate his presence. They have done this by transforming the political revolutionary with Marxist ideas into a friendly old man who advocates a love of dialogue, separating this notion from that of a dialogue of love--hence, the importance of reclaiming Paulo Freire in these times."
- from "Comrade Freire"

Oh! Tomorrow morning is my #SummerSchool talk! Y'all should come! It's at 10am AEST/12am UTC. DM me if you need the link. I'm talking about how we did modelling with the community.

Woah cool, today's the anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution. On July 26, 1953, Fidel & comrades attempted to overtake the Moncada base in Santiago de Cuba. That attack failed, but the pursuit of a beautiful dream commenced.

Location info? 

Tell me everything you know about Eugene OR please.

Especially useful probably if you can compare it to US places that aren't on the west coast because I have no real experience with other west cost places (or most places in the rest of the world.)

In my house, we make crushed ice by hammering ice cubes in a plastic bag.

Actual conversation my students just had 

"What's Sci-hub?"

"It's like pornhub. But for Science"

freire, translation issues 

I now consider Myra Bergman Ramos' English translation of Freire's "Pedagogia do Oprimido" to be a "recreation" of the text.

I need to research what other scholars have say about the translation 'cuz wow, a LOT of liberties have been taken.

Sometimes Ramos is editing Freire, phrasing his ideas in what she feels is clearer prose.

Sometimed, I have problems with this. Freire advocates the 'unfinished human' & his prose reflects someone thinking aloud.

"uma das características desta educação dissertadora é a 'sonoridade' da palavra e não sua força transformadora."
"one of the characteristics of this lecturing education is the 'sonority' of the word & not its transforming force."

- Paulo Freire on the banking concept of education

freire translation 

Freire's original:

Consciente ou inconscientemente, o ato de rebelião dos oprimidos, que é sempre tão ou quase tão violento quanto a violência que os cria, este ato dos oprimidos, sim, pode inaugurar o amor.


My translation:

Consciously or unconsciously, the act of rebellion of the oppressed, which is always as violent as the violence that creates them, this act of the oppressed, yes, can inaugurate love.

Reading passages of "Pedagogia do Oprimido" in the original Portuguese, I'm discovering Freire's prose has a lovely, almost rhythmic quality. It has to do with the piling of short phrases & clauses separated by commas, a move that would admittedly be awkward in English. But I think I'd like to try to translate a few passages in a manner closer to his syntax & style a bit.

I'm not worried about distortion because I know Freire worked closely with his English translators. It just goes to show that there's no "definitive" version of a text.

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Translation shenanigans: While rereading parts of Freire's "Pedagogia do Oprimido (Pedagogy of the Opppressed)," I'm dipping back into the Portuguese original & I notice that sometimes whole paragraphs disappear in the English translation. Also, Freire uses section titles in his chapters, something that also disappears in the English translation. Hmm.

anyone knows of good online html+css courses for beginners - perhaps live?

Paulo Freire really made a tongue-twister with his theory of "conscientização," a word, which Donaldo Macedo claims, even sometimes trips up Portuguese speakers.


got 3 different cachaças & experimenting with making the perfect caipirinha

southern u.s. & food 

In the Food Lion & finding a whole freezer full of fatback.

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