I officially start my dissertation process this semester with my pilot study and dissertation critique! Any advice?

I'm a new postdoc at the University of Washington eScience Institute. My PhD is in physics but I'm transitioning to developing statistical learning techniques/software for neuroimaging data. More info at autofq.org/.

I'm a fan of open science and reproducibility. I enjoy climbing, hiking, and growing up all over again with my daughter.

I'm looking to engage with people with similar research interests and who can help me further develop myself as a data scientist.

Just found out the already small dept. I’m part of is being reduced by two key professors. Mine and others’ dissertation committees have been affected to the point where the program might not be able to legitimately support our work. Waiting on additional news, but this is beyond frustrating.

Anyone else balancing PhD with family, work, and household maintenance? Anyone else not balancing particularly well?

Hi all! I'm a PhD student at Saybrook University and hold an MA in Education. I wrote my master's thesis on the autopoietic nature of complex problems as phenomena. My interests are sustainability, design theory & philosophy, posthumanism, and ethics. I'm a professional UXer, dabble in sculpture, dadaism, and photography. I live in Northern Vermont, USA.

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