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I'm Saqer (pronouns: he/they).

I work on issues in Translation Studies, Trans* and Intersex Studies, and Medieval Islamic Studies.

I've got affiliations with Decolonial Studies and the larger "Religious" Studies discipline.

Currently finishing up my dissertation at Binghamton University.

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In 2016, I published a paper in the TSQ titled:
“You Have Made Her a Man among Men”: Translating the Khuntha's Anatomy in Fatimid Jurisprudence

I discussed in it a case described in a Fatimid-era legal manual where a person had their body examined in order to be recognized as male and have a marriage voided.

You know, with separate classes for contact info, affiliations, publications, teaching, service, etc. That sorta thing.

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I've spent about 4 hours today re-acquainting myself with , mostly as I decided that I want to make an version of my CV as I slowly ease myself digital projects.

A questions for those who made an HTML version of their CV, did you use any CSS Library? I was looking around and I came across Tufte-CSS on Github which is pretty to look at:

But instead of re-inventing the wheel, I'm wondering if anyone made a CSS library usable for an academic CV.

Anyone know a good text to speech app for Mac that reads PDF and can pause and resume? I want it to read me papers, and the inbuilt text to speech a bit too basic for me.

Also a ripe time to dunk on While it's not a GNU project, it's also basically been the same server and frontend forever, despite literally thousands of commits.

It also has a pretty sad philosophy on developing a good web UI ("That's what the API is for! People can develop clients for it instead!")

AFAIK, it's just a tiny island of some servers doing their own thing, running a Primordial ancestor of ActivityPub.
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This may be an ignorant thing to say, but it feels like every GNU web project has fallen into severe disrepair, to the point of abandonment.

What's up with that?

The job market as the box holding Schrödinger's cat 

Yes, of course I want a rotary cell phone.

The power switch is an actual slide switch. No holding down a stupid button to make it turn off and not being sure it really is turning off or what.

Random delightful fact 

Best practices for pronoun badges at academic conferences? :BoostOkay: 

Survey for trans, enby, and intersex travelers 

I decided tag individual stuff to read under one of 5 tags. 4 of them are fields I'm somehow associated with academically. In my case that's religious studies, translation studies, decolonial thought, and gender & race studies. That's 4, the fifth tag is scholarship by friends. Of course some work can fit under multiple tags.

Each day of the workweek I read one piece from the specific tag of the day. That way the themes vary each day, and I can make myself acquainted with my friends' work.

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I re-organized my academic reading schedule. I've been behind on it, so I decided I needed a different approach. Something that doesn't make me fall behind and have 50 items on my to-do list because it's past its deadline.

cv updates 

job market documents fatigue 

Today's midnight miracle is I trawled through a million emails, did some translating, wrote my notes on two articles I recently read, and wrote a cover letter for a job and a half.

And now I'm about to tuck myself into bed while listening to another chapter of Butler's Parable of the Talents.

tryna get some work done, hasn't happened yet 

It's 18 January, the #poem today is C.S. MacCath's "Sol Prayer: by the Oracle duality Chang Shen / Song of the Star Cradle"

It's a beautifully written piece of #poetry, in shape (the middle line is the longest: 21 words) and in form. What would a prayer for fusion look like?

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I'm definitely the tab tsundoku type, especially with my to-read articles and my academic PDFs

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