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I'm Saqer (pronouns: he/they).

I work on issues in Translation Studies, Trans* and Intersex Studies, and Medieval Islamic Studies.

I've got affiliations with Decolonial Studies and the larger "Religious" Studies discipline.

Currently finishing up my dissertation at Binghamton University.

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In 2016, I published a paper in the TSQ titled:
“You Have Made Her a Man among Men”: Translating the Khuntha's Anatomy in Fatimid Jurisprudence

I discussed in it a case described in a Fatimid-era legal manual where a person had their body examined in order to be recognized as male and have a marriage voided.

I've been prepping to leave my books in a storage locker, and I'm utterly anxious about this particular move because my books won't cross the borders with me.

How do I know that my perfectionist tendencies are under control??? I have a dissertation almost ready for submission to the graduate school and the repos, and I submitted a job application recently and mentioned two different institutions in the same cover letter. 😢 I'm trying not to be upset about it.

I have 14 days to empty my apartment, and box up my books for indefinite storage, and to leave the US as a "grad student".

So I did that thing today and now I'm a doctor.

For the past month, I've been slowly trying to gather all my PDFs and EPUBs into a single location using Calibre. I just saw that I hit 1017 documents today.

I'm starting to become that person who doesn't know how to live without Calibre and Zotero.

"I needed to understand my own passionate opposition to the war that we were, endlessly it seemed, waging in Vietnam, and endlessly protesting at home. If I had known then that my country would continue making aggressive wars for the rest of my life, I might have had less energy for protesting that one. But, knowing only that I didn’t want to study war no more, I studied peace. I started by reading a whole mess of utopias and learning something about pacifism and Gandhi and nonviolent resistance. This led me to the nonviolent anarchist writers such as Peter Kropotkin and Paul Goodman. With them I felt a great, immediate affinity. They made sense to me in the way Lao Tzu did. They enabled me to think about war, peace, politics, how we govern one another and ourselves, the value of failure, and the strength of what is weak."

-- Ursula K. Le Guin

Google showing off their Translate skills: They translated German to Deutsche instead of Deutsch. Great job :blobderp:

A list of languages is displaye…

Reminder to not cross the picket line tomorrow and avoid using all rideshare apps. Help out workers in their struggle for fair pay!!

I couldn't send out the revised conclusion because anxiety. So I scheduled it to go while I'm out having a latte with a friend. So that's that.

How is it that concluding the conclusion is the most exorcistic part of writing?

Also, I found out today about a visiting lecturer position in a city neighboring my parents' city, and found out the position was open for a month so far, so I made my paperwork and applied in an hour. I'm becoming an academic job market professional.

I need a two liner ending for my revised conclusion. I hope to dream it up overnight.

The situation Caster Semenya is going through with the bigotry of the last 10 years is speaking to my revised conclusion.

I'm rewriting this conclusion and it's making me write about dualities.

So folks, I need English language help!
Fill in the missing words:

First: 1 a unity; 2 a duality; 3 a ???; many a plurality.

It is not ternary because:

Second: 1 unitary; 2 binary; 3 ternary; but many ???.

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