I've spent about 4 hours today re-acquainting myself with , mostly as I decided that I want to make an version of my CV as I slowly ease myself digital projects.

A questions for those who made an HTML version of their CV, did you use any CSS Library? I was looking around and I came across Tufte-CSS on Github which is pretty to look at:

But instead of re-inventing the wheel, I'm wondering if anyone made a CSS library usable for an academic CV.

You know, with separate classes for contact info, affiliations, publications, teaching, service, etc. That sorta thing.

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@saqeram i'm no academic, but i've used tufte-css to create my page and my cv:

ironically, i'm trying to learn enough CSS to get away from it and have my own, "simpler" (flex or grid based) CSS.

@meena Thank you. I appreciate it, it looks great on the phone, I'll take a closer look when I get to a bigger screen later and see what I can learn.

@saqeram I’m a fan of Kieran Healy’s tex templates, though not strictly speaking html :

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