Writers/Academics, how do y'all tally your daily/weekly/monthly word count? Do you use an app? Do you journal it?

@saqeram My process (if I can dignify it with such a word) is to scribble in a notebook first and then revisit those notes, typing them up and revising as I go. This way, I don't stress about getting details of phrasing and such correct on the first try, because I know I'll be checking everything at least once. This goes for my academic writing (physics) as well as what I do for fun; I tried keeping separate notebooks for different projects, but it turned out to be much easier to separate them at the electronic stage instead. I don't keep track of word counts, unless I'm writing something where a minimum or maximum is imposed.

@bstacey The notebook bit absolutely: I have a journal/notebook for writing random notes from readings and talks and outlining, and most of the heavy writing I would do at an electronic stage.

@saqeram I keep track of words added to the papers I am working on by periodically copying the word count to a file with a date stamp. I also keep track of which papers I worked on each day. I could easily check how many words I added in a week/month but I have never done it. I don't usually have word count targets for myself, except that in my field 8000 words is a good target to aim for.

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