Save Mills 

The college president just sent an email touting all the feedback they've got from students for their plans to trash the college.

There were 34 in total.

It turns out students aren't keen to help plan turn their college into an empty shell.

Alums are overwhelmingly against the plan and 74% of faculty voted no confidence in the leadership. This vague proposal to become an institute doesn't have legs.

It's not too late to .

Save Mills Campaign 

The administration of Mills College says they will transform into an institute, but they if they have an idea of what that means or what it should be, they're keeping it to themselves. Instead, they've asked current undergraduates, who they're forcing to transfer, to design this "planned" institute.

They have nearly $200 million in their endowment.

Why are they doing this? What is their goal?

AAUP Solidarity Statement text excerpt;;;
And finally, please also CC the national AAUP executive director:

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AAUP Solidarity Statement text excerpt;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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AAUP Solidarity Statement text excerpt 

PLEASE TAKE ACTION WITH US: If you wish to act in response to this incident, contact Mills Board
Chair Katie Sanborn at KSanborn@Mills.Edu and Mills President Beth Hillman at President@Mills.Edu
(and by phone at 510-430-2094).

And please CC the entire Mills College Board of Trustees:;;;;;;;;

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AAUP Solidarity Statement text excerpt 

Mills College: On March 17, President Elizabeth Hillman of Mills College announced the effective
closure of the college, without any prior consultation with faculty or any shared governance process.
[This has been posted about on the] national AAUP blog:
• Faculty Respond to Mills College Closure, Academe Blog, April 6, 2021.
• Support Mills College Faculty and Workers, Academe Blog, May 17, 2021

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AAUP Solidarity Statement 

Breaking: Claremont Colleges issues statement of solidarity with Mills College:

"Your faculty colleagues on the chapter executive committee encourage all faculty to be as knowing as
possible about the broader national erosion of shared governance, academic freedom, tenure, and faculty
work conditions. We welcome opportunities to discuss these and other incidents with you; please do
email us when you become of aware of incidents we all should be talking about."

Yesterday, we posted a twitter thread about trans academic and activist Susan Stryker, who is a Mills professor, where we detailed her research and media activities, including links to some archived online events she's held in the past year. Check it out here:

Campaign Social Meta 

This account is run by @celesteh , while the twitter account, @save_mills is run by a team of students and alumni.

We also have a website ; a GoFundMe for our legal battle ; and are running a petition wrt to the music department (between us on the fedi, this is a "transitional demand" as the old lefties say) ; a vimeo account ; YT ; and more

There's research that shows that people respond more receptively to social media accounts with more followers. I'm involved in the #SaveMills campaign both #onHere and on twitter.

twitter: @save_mills
fedi: @save_mills

It would be materially helpful to the campaign if you could please follow those accounts, even if you don't really use your account or even if you mute us.

Thank you to everyone! Boosts allowed.


Mills College is a HWC that has been educating women for 17 decades. Today, it's undergrad student body is women, enbies and trans people, while it's post-grads have always been all enders. A majority of Mills students are BIPOC and a high percentage are the first in their families to be in higher education.

Mills is teaching the leaders of tomorrow and is .

Mills College Olympic History 

So as the Olympics hype slowly starts to build , I got curious as to whether had ever sent anyone to the games.

I was not expecting to find this famous and perplexing moment involved a Mills faculty member

Mills is 169 years old and has been an important part of several historical moments.

Discussion of pron and LGBTQ history 

I posted an abbreviated version of the above to birdsite and got a message from a musicologist of porn music(!!) who reminded me that former Mills professor Pauline Oliveros collaborated with Annie Sprinkle on an adult film.

The only place to view it on the internet is

When I expressed doubts about giving my credit card number ot this web page, they chimed in to say, "Hi! We're reputable, we swear! Black queer female owned, and Bay Area based, and one of our teamsters is even a Mills alumni. 🙌"


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Discussion of pron and LGBTQ history 

The first lesbian porn film made by a lesbian, was 'Dyketactics', by Barbara Hammer, 1974.

The sound track was made on the Moog modular synthesiser at Mills College. In 2017, she explained, "I got the use of a Moog synthesizer at Mills College, which works with avant garde music all the time, and they showed me how to turn knobs, and how to record what I was doing. And then they left me there all day. And that's how I got the soundtrack for Dyketactics, by playing. Really, play is crucial to making these inroads into a new kind of language."

You can watch the short film here. Be aware that it contains explicit sexual content.

The music department at Mills has a longstanding policy of allowing community access and is a resource not only to students, but the entire region. We have a petition to save this resource, which you can sign at:

Save Mills Music 

If you are put off by our petition hosts, there are other, also easy options for weighing in! You could cut and paste the text of the letter into an email, for example!

We have a handy guide for how to email the board on our website:

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Save Mills Music 

Our petition asking the board of trustees to meet with music department faculty and staff has passed 2500 signatures! Perhaps you'd like to add yours?

This is a change dot org petition, so please note that you must find and click a link in your email for your signature to be counted and that all the money they fundraise is for them, not us.

Mills is an HWC, meaning that the undergrad programme is for women, enbies and trans people. The postgraduate programme, however has always been open to all genders.

In this interesting essay, Keenan Norris talks about how being a "double-minority" in the English MFA programme made him a better writer:

To find out more about how to , see

Petition to save Mills as a centre for experimental musical research

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