AAUP Solidarity Statement 

Breaking: Claremont Colleges issues statement of solidarity with Mills College:

"Your faculty colleagues on the chapter executive committee encourage all faculty to be as knowing as
possible about the broader national erosion of shared governance, academic freedom, tenure, and faculty
work conditions. We welcome opportunities to discuss these and other incidents with you; please do
email us when you become of aware of incidents we all should be talking about."


AAUP Solidarity Statement text excerpt 

Mills College: On March 17, President Elizabeth Hillman of Mills College announced the effective
closure of the college, without any prior consultation with faculty or any shared governance process.
[This has been posted about on the] national AAUP blog:
• Faculty Respond to Mills College Closure, Academe Blog, April 6, 2021.
• Support Mills College Faculty and Workers, Academe Blog, May 17, 2021

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AAUP Solidarity Statement text excerpt 

PLEASE TAKE ACTION WITH US: If you wish to act in response to this incident, contact Mills Board
Chair Katie Sanborn at KSanborn@Mills.Edu and Mills President Beth Hillman at President@Mills.Edu
(and by phone at 510-430-2094).

And please CC the entire Mills College Board of Trustees:
skwist@mills.edu; skwist@losmedanos.edu; kwhiting@mills.edu; tarasingh1212@gmail.com;
tsingh@mills.edu; lcolton@mills.edu; cwiley@mills.edu; dbains@mills.edu;

AAUP Solidarity Statement text excerpt 

kmay@mills.edu; parkercrow@aol.com; eparker@mills.edu; ldecker@mills.edu; debwood@mills.edu;
adfoster@mills.edu; mkwong@mills.edu; aobrien@mills.edu; csprings@mills.edu; lflanigan@mills.edu;
mschuster@mills.edu; amoses@mills.edu; hmuirhea@mills.edu; jdanfort@mills.edu;
mthorne@mills.edu; obasgal@mills.edu; johnb@mills.edu kburke@mills.edu; jfowler@mills.edu;
llokey@mills.edu; ebeth@mills.edu; komason@mills.edu; vijinakka@mills.edu;

AAUP Solidarity Statement text excerpt 

rswig@mills.edu; rthompson@mills.edu; glvoyles@mills.edu
And finally, please also CC the national AAUP executive director: jschmid@aaup.org

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