Save Mills 

Is this proposed acquisition by Northeastern a solution to Mills's problems? We don't know.
The board of trustees has been operating in total secrecy. We don't even know why they voted to close a college with a $200 million endowment and higher-than-average alumni giving.
We don't know what terms they are discussing now. Students don't know, staff don't know, alumni don't know and, most usually, faculty don't know. This secrecy is unacceptable.

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As an alum of an all-women's college on the East Coast, I was sad to hear that Mills would be closing. I don't know much about them or their circumstances, but what @save_mills is posting makes me very suspicious.


I'm afraid we also don't know much about the circumstances. There is, unfortunately, a long-standing rift between administration and the faculty. The secrecy of the board of trustees may reflect the administrations dismissive attitude of their teachers. Or it may not.

Mills is ranked #1 for teaching in the West by US News and World Report, but this barely touted on the website due to this dysfunction.

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