Modelling success 

So i need daily mean temperature data for my phenology model. I have daily data near, but not at, my sites. I have monthly data at my sites via ClimateNA. So I used the monthly data to “correct” the daily data and it worked pretty good.

ClimateNA came out with a new version this week and I reran everything and HOLY SMOKES. When they say they made improvements they meant it.

The site effects in my model soak up a bunch of the weather data error and they are WAY smaller now.

I will never not be amused by the fact that the time spent writing grant applications in aggregate far exceeds the time actually funded by said grants

regex crash course! 

[] matches any character inside the brackets
. matches any character
* matches any number of the last thing
+ matches more than one of the last thing
⁜ matches less than one of the last thing
• matches dead characters
⟦⟧ matches any demons inside the brackets
⸮ matches your hopes & dreams
¡¡¡ matches
ꙮ ś̵͞u͡m̶͠m̵͢o͏n̨͡s̵̨͡ ͘͡Z͢͟á͡͏lg͠o̷̷
(?=...) this is called a lookahead assertion. it looks into the future to tell if this regex matches, and returns accordingly.

hope this helps!

I'm looking for writing (academic and non) about how ecologists use language like "invasion" and such that mirrors xenophobic and fascist language about people and how this can be a problem.

Boosts welcome

Med school admissions and justice 

Medicine, for those who can manage to get the letters "MD" after their name, is basically a golden ticket to money, job security, a certain kind of power, and even moral authority

However admission to medical school is something that is only accessible to people who have spare time for volunteer work, connexions to good references and high grades (which are extremely correlated with your parents' income)


Whyyyyy won't my model be perfect?

Plants in the city vs outside of it - what are they like and how do they make babies?

How does urbanization affect the reproductive characteristics and ecological affinities of street plant communities?


A little bit of sex prevents mutation accumulation even in apomictic polyploid plants

Adventures in R, memento 

Spent 2 hours tracking down a bug. The line of code causing the issue was commented "i think this might be the issue"

You need to get the hang of reading the online help. The information required is actually there in ?dotchart --- it's just tersely and obscurely expressed. A certain degree of optimism is required. You need to ***believe*** that the information is there; then ask yourself "What could they possibly mean by what they have written that would tell me what I need to know?".
-- Rolf Turner (on reading the help pages)
R-help (June 2013) #Rstats

Federal Lands Are Becoming Tribal Lands Again

Ecological justice and racial justice should not be in opposition, for often native tribes are better stewards of the land anyway.

Besides, its their land to begin with, darn it.


I think I finished cleaning my phenology data. Of course, now we’ve learned that my weather data needs to be corrected...

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writing, negative? 

It took me 4 and a half hours and 30 pages of very dense reading to write 750 words today. And I'm not even all that happy with them.

I feel like a marshmallow someone dropped in a puddle.

Plants can grow branches, leaves, flowers, etc. from many parts of their bodies. So it might seem that mutations that arise in those parts should get passed along to the next generation. Yet, it does not. Similar to animals, plants may have cells equivalent to germline cells in animals which are passed along during reproduction.

An article about research into this topic of plant reproduction.

#Plants #Biology #Nature #Reproduction

[ ]

Nice paper about willow trees 

Regional patterns of genetic structure and environmental differentiation in willow populations (Salix humboldtiana Willd.) from Central Mexico

The willows grow along rivers in Mexico. The study asked how much the genetic structure of the populations matched the rivers the trees grew along - and boy howdy does it! Trees growing along the same river are more related than trees growing along different rivers.


I had a committee meeting today and it went really well and I am EXHAUSTED.

Going to celebrate by sprawling on the couch eating cheesecake and reading a beloved childhood novel

how to make r fall over 

38 million rows times 15000 rows

The promise (and worries) about gene drives. Article by Nature that gives a general overview on the following topics:

- Will gene drives even work?
- What else are gene drives good for?
- Can gene drives be controlled?
- How can gene drives be trialled?
- Who decides when to use a gene drive?

#Biology #Genetics #Evolution #Genes #GeneDrives

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