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How can I be a scientist if I HATE writing papers (not writing, but papers) and journals and our whole knowledge dissemination system?

The #coop I work with is #hiring.

We do things with open data for public good and social change.

Equal pay (£40k/pa), flat structure, remote work. Flexible working with part time options. Lots of benefits.

Happy to answer questions here another way (

#coopjobs #cooplife #opendata


Did a bunch of data munging today and there’s more to do tomorrow, but if I play my cards right I’m going to get to make a graph I’ve been working towards for years sometime tomorrow or Saturday.

Ecological doom 

TIL that monocultures of pines and eucalyptus were planted in savannas of the Brazilian Cerrado to meet a global carbon quota, causing irreversible damage to the local ecosystems and even destroying the livelihoods of local human communities

>The biodiversity cost of carbon sequestration in tropical savanna

So indigenous Australians have told geographically accurate stories about rising sea levels that happened after the last ice age, and the stories have stayed accurate for about 10 000 years.

Goes to show that oral tradition can be accurate and extinction of indigenous languages can lead to a permanent loss of information about the world — which of course are not new claims.

Modeling sad 

Spent two days testing model configurations. Got everything working. Saved + version control. Now I’m running the same code and it’s not working and I can’t figure out what happened 😞

António Guterres on the climate crisis: ‘We are coming to a point of no return’

A recent analysis showed the G7 countries – the #UK, #US, #Canada, #Italy, #France, #Germany and #Japan – have committed $189bn to support #oil, #coal and #gas, as well as offer financial lifelines to the aviation and automotive sectors, since the outbreak of the #coronavirus. This is over $40bn more than has been directed towards renewable energy.

#ClimateCrisis #FossilFuel

modeling ranting 

WHYYYY are there divergences

**Five million years of climate change preserved in one place**

"An international team of researchers has now succeeded in reconstructing changes in rainfall in Central Asia over the past five million years. The information preserved within the sedimentary succession provides the missing link for understanding land-water feedbacks for global climate."

#science #news #bot

Good morning folks. I woke up earlier than I’d like, so I’m planning a great nap this afternoon.

Got to get up and make the most of these hours - I want to do some cool models today!

Hope you’re all doing well today and have time for a nap if you want one!

computer complaining 

concurrency errors are not the best kind of errors. I think I'm going to have to do this problem the slow way :( :( :(

statistics ranting 

The proportion of papers in my field where statistics is treated like a magical incantation you do to get significance so you can get published makes me want to fire everyone.

Currently reading Jackie Wang's "Carceral Capitalism" (2020). It's an excellent look at how the prison system, the debt economy, the predatory neoliberal state, & abusive technology all work in concert with each other so that all public space may become a carceral space. Highly recommended:

I love JEH Smith so much. A snippet to entice you:

"This new monotremous existence of ours leads to many moments of pure surrealism, where, for example, a massive government grant agency requires as a condition of funding that you include a Twitter presence as part of the public-outreach dimension of your research, and before you know it you are fielding feedback on your work in deep-ocean stratigraphy or the geopolitics of natural-gas pipelines from @maoistassplay69."

@SummerSchool Hi! I have an accessibility question - is it possible to submit a pre-recorded presentation and do asynchronous text questions on here instead of "at" the conference? I have a chronic illness and don't ever know if I'll be well enough to give a presentation on any given day.

Good morning all! The storm last night kept me awake with it's beating at the walls (and dramatic blowing around of construction supplies) so I expect I'll require a nap later. But for now, a bit of writing and then and then onwards to a refactor of my data processing code so that I can better incorporating censoring into my models.

stats sad, stan, hmc 

I added censorship to my model because a bunch of my data is censored, but there are an awful lot of divergences and I'm not sure what else I can do to fix them. I've already carefully non-centered a bunch of stuff to try to make the geometry nicer.

kfold woes 

🤦‍♂️ If the parameters in the log-likelihood function in the test dataset aren't calculated from the training dataset then your log likelihood calculation won't work.

I think this means that for a hierarchical model with grouped folds, this means, for example, that if you calculate SiteA parameter with the training data and then test with SiteB data, you gotta use the superpopulation Site param, not the specific Site param.

I'm feeling grumpy today, but I'm going to sit down and see if I can finish my k-fold cross-validation before lunch. And then I'm going to spend a couple hours in my garden.

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