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I'd like to follow more plant biologists, ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and environmental scientists. Searching hashtags isn't getting me anywhere. Recommendations?

@rubah Hey this is a handy resource! Thanks for the recommendation!

@rubah @scisus @pzmyers
Oh, thank you! Though I'm actually a physicist cunningly disguised as a botanist. :flow: Botany is more of a hobby for me.

@InvaderXan I'm going to picture you as a sphere covered in lycophytes and moss :D

@scisus My degree is in gen bio and currently work as a chemist but I am an enthusiastic plant hobbyist (also tarantulas, linux, ants, and tacos).

I mostly post plant stuff on my PixelFed account:

Some other recommendations:

@scisus Have you tried science podcasts as opposed to social media? Some I can recommend from a decade+ of listening are: This Week in Science (, Quirks and Quarks (CBC), The Naked Scientists, Science Friday, The Guardian's Science Weekly.

@BertL I am a podcast hater, unfortunately. But I'm not looking for general science news - I'm looking to network with and hang out with folks in my field.

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