@delibrarian I know, right? His textbook, Statistical Rethinking, is also wonderful.

@scisus I like this first video a lot, so much so that I might end up learning to keep up with it.

Otherwise, I have been looking at working through the *Think Stats*[1] and *Think Bayes*[2] to refresh my knowledge and learn methods. :)

[1]: greenteapress.com/wp/think-sta
[2]: greenteapress.com/wp/think-bay

I was worried about following this approach because the video lectures that accompany this have kinda bad audio and there's newer recordings that are good but are more associated with an updated form of the book that these Python examples might not relate much to :/

@bthall I've mostly been doing the new lectures and the old book and it's been ok, though I downloaded a draft version of the new book from McElreath's website (password on his github). As long as you already know python you'd probably be ok using any combination of book/lectures with the python code. It's possible there's someone else already doing updated code as well though!

Sweet! I'll try it, then. I've been looking at the new book draft, and I like it quite a lot. :) I might not have enough Python knowledge yet, but I'll try it anyway. :D

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