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how to make r fall over 

38 million rows times 15000 rows

The promise (and worries) about gene drives. Article by Nature that gives a general overview on the following topics:

- Will gene drives even work?
- What else are gene drives good for?
- Can gene drives be controlled?
- How can gene drives be trialled?
- Who decides when to use a gene drive?

#Biology #Genetics #Evolution #Genes #GeneDrives

Felt too tired this evening to finish reading the paper on parentage assignment I'm working my way through, so I doodled and watched a lecture.

Richard is my biggest intellectual crush 😍 🤩 ❣️

The Sunday paper(s) 

Barrier Displacement on a Neutral Landscape: Toward a Theory of Continental Biogeography island != continental biogeography

An open access paper on the recently discovered tallest tropical tree, a Shorea faguetiana, in Sabah, Borneo Malaysia. The paper also argues that the tree (at 100 metres tall) is close to the highest that can possibly be reached by angiosperms (flowering plants).

#Biology #Plants #Trees #TropicalTrees #Research #Narwhal #Biodiversity #Malaysia

lolsob meeting prep 

Didn't get graphs done that I wanted to show my supervisor at our meeting today so I was gonna show her my backup graphs but then I crashed my computer so hard right before our meeting I couldn't do that either.


professional development resource 

I've been hanging out on lately. If your uni has a subscription, it's got some really nice professional development material and help with doing your dissertation. Encouraging and doing a decent job illuminating some "hidden curriculum" stuff.

For research purposes, browsing physical archives is SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE than searching online for information. Just going through boxes of related material I find so much information that, while technically available and searchable online, I simply would not have known to search for in the first place.


Got a little writing done this morning and it clarified what I need to do next with my analysis.

Want to spend the rest of the morning getting predictions out of my model so I can make some pretty summary figures.


Updated Ubuntu and R today. Will any of my code ever run again? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Disruptions to my routine really make it hard for me to work.

I really struggle to sit through talks and lectures, even when I'm really interested in them.

Weekend papers - forest science edition 

Fight or flight? Potential tradeoffs between drought defense and reproduction in conifers

Refining predictions of population decline at species' rear edges

And the rest of my google scholar alerts can go in the trash because I'm done for the day! Time for lunch and a nice walk :D

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Weekend papers - forest science edition 

Differentiation and Non-Linear Responses in Temporal Phenotypic Plasticity of Seasonal Phenophases in a Common Garden of Crataegus monogyna Jacq. Oh! I'm really glad I came across this since I'm using a similar phenological model and testing for provenance effects and I think I'll be able to use their method for comparing provenances. Yay!

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Weekend papers - forest science edition 

Climatic cues for secondary growth and cone production are sex-dependent in the long-lived dioecious conifer Araucaria araucana

The transcriptional activity of a temperature-sensitive transcription factor module is associated with pollen shedding time in pine

Genetic structure ofPinus parvifloraon Mt. Fuji in relation to thehoarding behavior of the Japanese nutcracker esajournals.onlinelibrary.wile

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Weekend papers - forest science edition 

So I think this paper will help me get up to speed on expectations for non-wind pollinated trees in the tropics.

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Weekend papers - forest science edition 

Short distance pollen dispersal and low genetic diversity in a subcanopy tropical rainforest tree, Fontainea picrosperma (Euphorbiaceae)

They seem surprised by "At least 63% of seeds are sired by male trees located within 30 m of the mother." That's not too far off from what we find for wind pollinated forest trees in more northern climates - about half the fathers are from ~50m and about half are from all over the freaking place.

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Weekend papers - forest science edition 

PhenoPine: A simulation model to trace the phenological changes in Pinus roxhburghii in response to ambient temperature rise

I'm particularly excited about reading this one because I'm building phenological models in pine - though in *contorta* instead of *roxhburghii*

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