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how to make r fall over 

Over the course of 33 years Mallinckrodt, a subsidary of Medtronic, a global multi-billion dollar medical device company, dumped 12 metric tons of mercury into the Penobscot river, (a river sacred to my peoples, and the largest river in the state) and over 9 tons of said mercury still remains in the river. Fish, birds, lobster, eel, and people throughout the system and region are contaminated with mercury, levels among birds nesting and feeding along the river are among the highest found anywhere in the world, consumption of fish and birds along this portion of river could cause serious harm. This is a river in which the Penobscot people are supposed to have "sustainable fishing rights" due to our treaty. The state still maintains they are upholding that, though we can't eat more than a fish a month without risking illness. There has been a court battle against Mallinckrodt since 2000, they have been found responsible, and late this year the courts will review appropriate cleanup.

The promise (and worries) about gene drives. Article by Nature that gives a general overview on the following topics:

- Will gene drives even work?
- What else are gene drives good for?
- Can gene drives be controlled?
- How can gene drives be trialled?
- Who decides when to use a gene drive?

#Biology #Genetics #Evolution #Genes #GeneDrives

Felt too tired this evening to finish reading the paper on parentage assignment I'm working my way through, so I doodled and watched a lecture.

Richard is my biggest intellectual crush 😍 🤩 ❣️

The Sunday paper(s) 

An open access paper on the recently discovered tallest tropical tree, a Shorea faguetiana, in Sabah, Borneo Malaysia. The paper also argues that the tree (at 100 metres tall) is close to the highest that can possibly be reached by angiosperms (flowering plants).

#Biology #Plants #Trees #TropicalTrees #Research #Narwhal #Biodiversity #Malaysia

lolsob meeting prep 

professional development resource 

For research purposes, browsing physical archives is SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE than searching online for information. Just going through boxes of related material I find so much information that, while technically available and searchable online, I simply would not have known to search for in the first place.



Disruptions to my routine really make it hard for me to work.

I really struggle to sit through talks and lectures, even when I'm really interested in them.

Weekend papers - forest science edition 

Weekend papers - forest science edition 

Weekend papers - forest science edition 

Weekend papers - forest science edition 

Weekend papers - forest science edition 

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