@jonny what is the server cost for the spec gitea requires?

The recording from my latest webinar covering support for all publishers in Unsub is up on vimeo at vimeo.com/747731226

Is there a tech podcasts for teams of 1 that do everything on their product/app/etc.? seems like most tech podcasts have a framing of assuming listeners work on a large team of people. there's gotta be lots of people like me that work alone without any coworkers

All publishers are now supported in Unsub! (what is Unsub? a web app that helps libraries explore, understand, and forecast alternatives to journal Big Deals)

Read all about it on our blog post blog.ourresearch.org/unsub-all

Try it out if you’re a subscriber unsub.org/login or schedule a demo unsub.org/request-demo if not

Also in this release is support for aggregators (e.g., EBSCO)

@hugh Glad you like Unsub 😀

I think CAP seems promising, though I haven't looked into the details much.

@jcolomb good to know you use it. i wish I could figure out how to install the cli tool ...

@hugh thanks for all that! super interesting to hear what folks are thinking given that i maintain Unsub, so i think about how the product should change moving forward.

I'm on board with your idealistic version, but don't think it will happen any time soon.

what do you think about CAP from PLOS plos.org/publish/community-act

@hugh @fedi @write_as curious what model you like as an alternative to APCs, read and publish ?

anyone know how to install the libreoffice command line tool on macos? in installed libreoffice with homebrew, maybe installing that route doesn't install the cli tool?

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@hugh thx, trying it now. a few things about numbers i don't like: row numbers are hidden unless you hover over them, cell value in focus on bottom of the app,

anyone have ideas for an alternative to macos Numbers? I find it to be truly awful. google sheets seems good enough, but there's no easy way to get local files to open on double click/etc. in google sheets. any native app alternatives to Numbers?

**Ongoing phishing "attack" targeting PyPI package maintainers.**

More information can be found here:

If you receive such email ignore it, if you already fallen for it, the above publication contains more details about what you should do.

#python #security #infosec #supplychain #programming #opensource

@hugh ah right, i think I may have considered unhiding files/dirs, but figured there must be a command line approach to this, but apparently not

this must be a solved problem: anyone know how to set homebrew installed thing that runs a server (in this case ) as okay in your macos firewall settings? i have to click an Allow button twice after starting a Flask server locally - seems in the macos GUI Firewall app you can only select things from a Finder, but python is at /opt/homebrew/opt/python@3.10/bin/python3

trying to figure out where a cookie is coming from on a web app I manage. Its always prefixed with "amp_". It only seems to show up in Brave browser, not in Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Anyone see cookies with this prefix and know where they come from? One thought was Amplitude but we don't use them. perhaps google amp?

@jgoerzen @JonYoder i've used both quite a bit. languages are pretty similar, but communities feel quite different (both healthy IMO), while ruby seems very front end focused and python back and front

@stragu ah, i didnt' see that yet, indeed someone did step up. cool.

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