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crazy, the journal "Journal on Migration and Human Security" is bronze OA, but does not sell subscriptions, there's no page charges or APCs - I guess it would be diamond/platinum otherwise, yes?

arXiv: OpenAlex: A fully-open index of scholarly works, authors, venues, institutions, and concepts

Ebook licenses for academic libraries have increased wildly in price. The Publishers Association Annual Report 2021 showed 14% increase in profits from UK academic market and 8% increase in academic books to £1.1B The campaign has sought to raise awareness of the issue

anyone else email yourself to do items? and then also like woah, what's this email notification on my phone? ohhhhh, right. every time

I'm curious about the state of editors these days; reply with your daily driver if it's not in the list.

Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

Library folks, we got an Unsub ( webinar coming up on June 9th

with panelists from Georgia State University and Queen's University

I like this approach of standardizing scripts but I'd want to just use them from a Makefile

so are there keyboard shortcuts in mastodon? haven't found them yet

👋 Hi, I'm Kelsey #introduction

I'm a mom, home cook, book reader, wife, and hobby collector.

I do #datascience as a living, and on my own time like experimenting with #procgen, #gamedev, and #interactivefiction in small projects. I like #ttrpg(s), and #boardgames. I'm usually reading #scifi, or #philosophy.

Sadly just discovering this space. I followed and enjoyed @darius twitter bots for quite a while, so fun to find this

I use to study bugs and plants, but realized messing with computers was more fun. Now maintaining the application for librarians to help them break up so called Big Deals with massively profitable publishers

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