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Fred Scharmen

Current Status: putting together a tenure track application package whilst super sleepy and fighting a cold.

Ancient Scottish curse: "may your cell phone only work when you're demonstrating the problem to the repairman"

Also today: begging my students in the online course I'm teaching to participate more in the discussion forums. Like, literally begging.

Today: arranged to have the sketch archives of two designers scanned and recorded digitally. Finished and sent one grant application, and started another.

"Up betimes! etc, etc, ..." *cough* *cough*

Finished an online course, visited a jobsite, going to New York tomorrow to meet with publishers. A pretty good day.

Nerdy Academic Confession: I <3 Bloom's Taxonomy

am i being too optimistic, maybe, i dunno but nearly everyone i meet who is in their late teens and early twenties is aware and compassionate and smart and i kinda wish we could just let them be in charge already

Today's work: putting together some submissions for a drawing show, planning a trip to New York next week, and launching the online course that I'm teaching this summer, on Imaginary Buildings.

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Today's work is beginning to kick the tires and check the oil on this online course I'm teaching in Summer Session II. The thing might end up needing a complete overhaul ...

Update: Cixin Liu's Three Body (Remembrance of Earth's Past) Trilogy is so good that I read all three books over the past three days.

Every morning, depending on who gets up first, my partner and I will brief each other on the food-related lies we are about to be told by our pet rabbit.

This is a reminder to
a) make notes of all the interesting tidbits, nuggets and possible leads to further reading that you come across
b) reread these notes from time to time
c) stay hydrated

Finished Colson Whitehead's (gorgeous and haunting) The Intuitionist yesterday. Will probably start Cixin Liu's The Three Body Problem today.

You too can become a skateboard academic if you want to

And we're done! Submitted a final draft of "Skywalk: the Life and Death of Multilevel Urbanism in Downtown Baltimore," which will be a chapter in the upcoming edited book "Baltimore Revisited:
Rethinking and Remaking an American City"!