I'm looking for that are good for studying/doing research to and for drowning out loud officemates. Please help! Alternatively, suggestions for noise-canceling earbuds?

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@shelleyk I use a pair of Shure SE215s. They’re earbuds but block outside noise amazingly well and are much easier to travel with than headphones.

Brian Eno is my go-to study music. Music for Airports and the first track on Discreet Music are amazing study songs.

@shelleyk Summoning might scratch the itch, they’re kind of ambient black metal with industrial sounds

@shelleyk I do local NPR Classical and switch back and forth, but my favorite in the afternoon is WVIK because it's heavy on the movie soundtracks in the afternoon (which makes up for the awful banter. Maybe I like the awful banter but I'm in denial.)

@shelleyk I tend toward Chillhop's channel on youtube. It's music-only lofi hiphop that's just relaxing enough to be great background music, but not so relaxing that you doze off.

I like listening to I am robot and proud when studying.

@shelleyk Video game music like Mass Effect soundtrack. Old drum &bass like LTJ Bukem. Techno like Surgeon. I'm 20 years out of time!

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