Universal healthcare may not overturn capitalism, but if we believe that people should not have to suffer or die due to lack of access to care then it is counter revolutionary to not support it.

This is your friendly reminder that not only did trans men, trans women, and nonbinary people exist and make contributions all the way back to ancient Sumer and recorded civilization -- but we also often had honored roles in temples and had poetry written about us.

Our modern world has forgotten a lot. Let's remember.

Clearly stating your chapter’s main argument in the introduction and providing a clear recap in your conclusion does not make your book worse and actually improves it

It's on conceptualizing trans alienation from their unpaid emotional labor using a Marxist/Materialist lense. Message me if you're interested in reading it at all.

Wholesome News:
My professor emailed me to tell me my paper was excellent and that I should submit it for the department essay competition.

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Don’t worry everyone! Me and Mario already defeated gender it doesn’t exist anymore

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I also just found out about a modernized, LGBTQ+-oriented liberation theology group that meets on my campus. Definitely needing to try that out!

I have the opportunity to take a whole class on Heidegger's "Being and Time" in the Fall, and I'm feeling super pumped.

Mastodon has been a good bit of working proof of why trans people need online space without the pressure to be political 24/7.

Things that need to be normalised in 2019:

• people using they/them pronouns
• people using neopronouns
• people using multiple sets of pronouns
• people using plural pronouns
• people using their name instead of pronouns
• asking people what pronouns they use

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Errr I made an album?? flixography.bandcamp.com

It's a collection of the instrumental things I've been putting on SoundCloud (although there is one new one as well) - so if you've been enjoying those and want to own them, now you can!

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