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Errr I made an album?? flixography.bandcamp.com

It's a collection of the instrumental things I've been putting on SoundCloud (although there is one new one as well) - so if you've been enjoying those and want to own them, now you can!

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when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

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Three of my philosophy professors had us introduce ourselves with our names and pronouns at the beginning of the semester. Even though I was the only non-cis person each time, it literally made my day, knowing I have professors I can trust and who care.

150 million workers and workers in India are taking part in a two-day general strike, which is probably the biggest general strike in history.

I'm now on the path to becoming a bonafide academic and professor!

Only good vibes allowed for the start of the semester tomorrow. ^_^

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Dystopia is a white people word that means “what if all that shit happened TO US?!?”

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