Big news: Privacy is progress TEDx talk by Daphne Muller is now online!

You're just 10 min away from knowing how we can reach a future with privacy, shared Daphne, Support lead at Nextcloud.

We heartily recommend it! 💙

TruthSocial now open source

Uh.. So it seems TruthSocial has been updated with some "interesting" stuff.

It has published the modifications and source code confirming it was Mastodon all along.

#TruthSocial #Mastodon #OpenSource


Hi all !!! This is our first Toot in this great social network. We hope that many of you will follow this account of our/your #OpenSource game.

#SpeedDreams #SimRacing

Kerala is forcing Aadhaar Linked Unique Health ID & its OTP Authentication for Hospital outpatient Registration online as per a Facebook post by Health Minister @VeenaGeorge03

This is gross violation of Fundamental rights.

Snehal Shekatkar ( will be taking an interactive session in the camp.

Below are the details:

Date and Time: 4-December-2021 18:00 IST

Bio: Snehal Shekatkar (webpage: is an Assistant Professor (DST INSPIRE faculty) at the "Department of Scientific Computing, modeling and simulation, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, India".

Details of the talk: Snehal will be discussing in an interactive session on how he got his department switched to fully free software for education.

**Christiania: The hippy commune that survived for 50 years**

"Christiania: The ‘social experiment’ that lasted 50 years in central Copenhagen"

#news #bot

Cool! Breakout rooms just landed in #Jitsi! Makes it suddenly a whole lot more interesting to use for schools & universities. #VideoConferencing #VideoCall

UPDATE: Sudan's Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has been freed from the house arrest imposed on him since last month's military coup, a member of his office has told AFP.

The faces of democracy protesters in Sudan.

#GNU Emacs is so much more than a text editor -- it's an entire workflow environment, loved by free software supporters around the world. Get the new GNU Emacs Manual, Nineteenth edition, for Emacs 27.2, at the GNU Press Shop:

Abhas @abhas will be introducing Free Software in the camp.

Title: Introduction to Free Software

Bio: Abhas( is a hacker, entrepreneur and free software activist. He runs a Free Software business DeepRoot GNU/Linux( , providing support and services for Free Software and Mostly Harmless (, a ethical source for libre and liberated hardware products.

Date: 30th November 2021

Time: 18:00 hours Indian Standard Time

Meeting Link:

All of you are invited.

Looking forward to see you there😀.

For me this is the most beautiful position from a top level chess games.

America’s Top Newspaper Editors oppose #Assange Indictment

The newsroom chiefs at New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today call out threat to the First Amendment

Most detailed image of the Crab Nebula

This #Hubble image gives the most detailed view of the entire #CrabNebula ever. The Crab is among the most interesting and well studied objects in #astronomy.

This image is the largest image ever taken with #Hubble's WFPC2 camera. It was assembled from 24 individual exposures taken with the #NASA / #ESA Hubble #Space #Telescope and is the highest resolution image of the entire Crab Nebula ever made.

Credit: NASA, ESA and Allison Loll/Jeff Hester (Arizona State University). Acknowledgement: Davide De Martin (ESA/Hubble)

Fullsize download (29.3 MB)

Protect developer freedom. Abolish software patents. Learn why software patents are unjust by checking out the new design of our #endsoftwarepatents initiative.

If #Apple has to “allow” you to repair your #iPhone, #iPad, or #Mac, who really owns it? You or Apple?

#righttorepair #bigtech #smartphone #tech

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