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#JournalClub for 2020 April 

From the suggestions I have received for , the following was randomly chosen:

Academic Research in the 21st Century: Maintaining Scientific Integrity in a Climate of Perverse Incentives and Hypercompetition :OpenAccess:


The submitter is welcome to de-anonymize themself and introduce why they wanted to read it—or not!

I just got my first academic job since finishing my PhD in 2017, so I'm celebrating with a new account!

I'm interested in energy transitions and will be working on an electric vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial as social researcher.

I'm also into architectural science and questioning the ubiquity of engineered solutions to human comfort.

thanks for showing up to !!! it was a blast putting it together and meeting yall

thanks @Cyborgneticz and @bgcarlisle for organizing, and all the presenters and moderators and attendees for your time!!

:blobpats: :HeartTrans:

Hey friends DM me if you need the link for the thank yous.

I still gotta get dressed so

at 6pm utc today @RaoOfPhysics will be presenting about the large hadron collider and the higgs boson, and using Very Big things to study the Very, Very Small for ! ⛰🐜

Selfie, science, CERN, COVID19 

Snuck into the ATLAS experiment’s cavern around 100 metres underground, on my first day back at since March.

If you are interested, join my talk tomorrow evening, where I will tell you all about the and the .

Send me a DM to get the video-conference info for tomorrow.

Tomorrow for 's conclusion feel free to dress up (I will be, but dressing up is really just 'not wearing pajamas').
It'll be a short thank you, and we can all digitally hangout afterwards!

tomorrow 8/6 at 6am UTC @pelagikat will be presenting about co-writing a rural community strategic plan 🤝 for ! hope to see yall there

If you want to come to my talk, DM for the lik or wait for the video.

Looking forward to my talk. Starts in 90 mins(ish). Quick & Dirty Classroom Research Methods.

tomorrow/later today, 8/6 at 2pm utc, @marcjones will be giving a talk about classroom research methods, in person and online. 📚 come by!

hey yall! tomorrow/later today at 5pm utc, @cassandreces will be presenting at about open science hardware communities around the world! 🔧 ^_^

Story & Art
Living & Learning
In Mohkinstsis
Turtle Island

Thank you @ksteimel for an amazing talk on universal dependency and Swahili.

We got to learn about the inclusion of Bantu languages, clitics, the layout of Swahili, and how do you navigate systems built for European languages.

is exploring languages in multitudes.

Join us tomorrow for Day 8 with @kimreece to learn about Math - specifically the Kronecker-Weber theorem

Morning everyone.
is teaching you Math today

Kim Reece @kimreece at 5pm UTC will be teaching us the Kronecker-Weber theorem

is still happening on the weekend
come see @ksteimel 's presentation on Swahili at
8pm UTC.

A great end of class!

Thank you to @TeethTeethTeeth and @adugas for their wonderful presentations!

We moved across place and space.

Join us tomorrow at 8pm UTC to learn about Swahili!


Please don't respond with 'thank you' when I send out the emails with links for the talks.
I email around 60 people. I love all of y'all, and you're so sweet, but your sweetness is destroying my inbox.
I do feel very appreciated though.


If you were unable to attend my conference where I presented La Sangre Llama, shoot me a message and I will give you a link

Second session time - join @adugas to learn about Space

Space is the place y'all

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