Hi, all. I help applied energy researchers with metadata strategy. I speak scientist (EECS PhD in nanofabrication), developer (mostly Python and web tech), and ontologist (RDF and friends). I’m a huge fan of FAIR and knowledge graphs. I do a podcast on Machine-Centric Science: podcast.polyneme.xyz

Hello all. This is a re- since I changed instances. I am a molecular and cell biologist specializing in cancer research and precision medicine. I also have degrees in business and computer science, so I think a lot about the impacts of technology and innovation on society. I am a strong advocate for open science and diversity in STEM. I run a data science collective and mentor underrepresented graduate/postdoctoral trainees at Hopkins. I am part Lakota and my pronouns are she/her.

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Hello everyone! The time has come to present my .

I am a cell and developmental biologist working on cell division and using the Caenorhabditis elegans worm as a model.

I am a specialist in in vivo confocal microscopy, image analysis and quantification. I model the germline in 4D using various computer tools to better understand how stem cells divide.

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Hi I am a researcher building genetic circuits in plants and interesting in an academic career. Here is a link to some of my work: biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

Hi there, I’m a PhD student in Econ based in Tokyo.
My field is a mixed of area studies and global economy. I’m focusing on the structural implication of Myanma-Thai cross-border labor movement on global value chain (and global economy at large).
I’m looking forward to collaborating with people inside and esp. outside of Econ.

Hello, I am Yuguang. I am a PhD student at LMU Munich, working on China-Yugoslavia relations in 1970s and 80s.

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How have we built a community here at Scholar?

🍍 "Study Hall"—we got stuff to do, we got papers to grade. Make a friend, hang out and do them together on video chat for company! (Open invitation to others optional)

🍍 —free, interdisciplinary, online conference that's open to everyone (it's amazing, maybe you'll help out this year?)

🍍 —you're hungry, we're hungry, we're gonna share recipes

Hello ! I'm a scientist and entrepreneur interested in business models and reimagining scholarship to be more diverse and inclusive. I've used commercially for thirty years. ❤️

More stuff: I'm an atheist Jew. Born in Kyiv, . Family fled USSR in 70s via Italy. First language Russian. Grew up in Canada and a Canadian citizen. Lived longest in USA where I met my spouse and had a kid. We now live across the fence from our best friends.

doing research on language variation in cat-related digital spaces and , mainly qualitative and exploratory, but now also opening up to quantitative methods. Learning now because I am into and

Oh, and I am a big lover 😸

Hello, scholar social! Here's my

I'm here from the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology dept at the University of Toronto and the Palaeobiology dept at the Royal Ontario Museum.

I'm a PhD Candidate studying growth and life history in extant and extinct cats, using both observational data (collected by others) and data from the growth record preserved in bone (collected by me)! See below for what a fossil Smilodon bone looks like under the microscope 👀

That last post encourages me to do a bit of : I direct a research center and academic program at Michigan State University. My official credentials say I'm a professor of English, but I'm currently writing about the present failures, and future demands, of academic .

About time for an

I work in research support for a UK HE library having previously worked with library collections & discovery. I still love

I make research and work with library systems with an interest in and

Hello! I'm a in evolutionary . I study , , and in ( = eukaryotic = critters more complex than bacteria - eg. , , , , etc.) mostly using and .

I come from , CZ & currently live in , FR.

I'm interseted in & of all life, & , , , politics.

Hello there. I am an researcher and educator, super interested in that counters biases and . I am working at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, US. I love , , , and long-distance . I intend to toot about my research field and learning process (for example, on design).

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