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Hey! I am a PhD student in Cognitive Science in Budapest, Hungary.

Interests: Social learning, skill transmission (focusing on musical techniques), social cognition

hello! :BlockyWhiteCursor:

excited to join the community here! I'm currently finishing up undergrad in feminist science studies, philosophy, and critical theory (with a bit of math thrown in there!)

looking forward to hearing the realities of academia as I look towards a masters and phd; as well as meeting other theoryheads

Hello! I am an expat living in Hong Kong, soon moving to Thailand, working as a Learning Experience Designer in K-12 computer science. I am studying Constructionist Learning Theory and soon hope to start my PhD. in Technology Education

I am "popsicle" to 3 homeschooled kids, I like and

Hi all! I am a student of political economy currently taking a year off after completing my masters before a PhD. Looking forward to interesting conversations from different areas of scholarship on here!

Hello all! I am a first year IBDP student. I am studying HL physics, chemistry and math. Looking forward to discussions here regarding the sciences and mathematics! I'm looking to study Medicine in the future

Hi! I am a media studies researcher/PhD student in Siegen, Germany. Area of expertise: Game Studies. Also media theory of economics, maybe. Writing on the history of games as a commodity. So economic history If games/analog games.

Hi all! PhD student at Princeton University, studying battery systems characterization. Looking forward to discussions here!

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

I recently completed a Master of Arts in Film Studies and am interested in discussing film academia and pretty much anything cinema related!

Specifically interested in Gnosticism as an emerging genre in film studies (The Truman Show, The Matrix trilogy, Dark City, Black Swan). I also like dark family dramas and anything by Malick and PTA.

Hello! I am a 2nd year PhD student in computational neuroscience. Looking forward to find some good discussions on pretty much anything scientific!

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Happy fediversary,!

We've been around for 2 years as of today!

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Hello everyone,

Brief about me, I'm an undergraduate student studying Psychology and hope to one day contribute to research in cognitive/child psychology.

I'm looking to meet others in the Psychology field. Also, considering seems to have individuals from so many diverse fields/areas of research, I can't wait to learn about everyone's ideas.

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