Hi, I’m Daniela, I teach Model United Nations and Brazilian Social Studies at an international school in Brazil. Looking forward to interacting with you all.

Long #Introduction (1/?) 

Hello everyone, glad to have joined you on this instance. I have already been active in Mastodon for a while, but this is my first time on this instance and I am looking forward to exploring it more.

I am not in academia myself, but am interested in the following research topics: labour on corporate social networks and, more generally, the political economy of technology, alternative social media, marxism, philosophy, geopolitics, history, mental health and left-wing politics.

Hello Mastodon scholars. I've just signed up on scholar.social. I've been dabbling in Mastodon for a while, but just discovered this instance and thought there might be more conversation to be had here.

I'm not an academic, but I am involved with scholarly publishing: I'm the digital editor of the New Left Review.

Intellectually, to capture an orientation in generic keywords: Marxism, tech, philosophy, history, politics.

Hello everyone! My students call me Mr. T, and my favorite class to teach is online Introduction to Statistics. I am new to Mastadon, and so far I like what I see.

I'm not sure whether I belong here. I'm struggling through a bachelors in IR that is inaccessible to me. I am heavily interested in politics but I'm an anarcha-ecologist and my degree requires me to take a constantly adversarial position. I have schizophrenia and I'm super absorbed in researching the phenomenology of self disorders on the schizophrenia spectrum. I'm interested in philosophy and radical mental health and disability justice more generally.

Hi everyone welcome to orientation we are so excited to have you here, as an icebreaker let’s all go around and say our name and a fun fact about yourself, I’ll go first, my name is Marcelo and I have more pencils than I could possibly use in my lifetime

To new friends on scholar.social 

To new friends on scholar.social 

Recommendations for the March 2020 #JournalClub 

Recommendations for the March 2020 #JournalClub 

Are there and/or advocates in these parts? I'm new to Mastodon and would love to connect.

#JournalClub 2020 February 

Reviving the Scholar Social #JournalClub 

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Reviving the Scholar Social #JournalClub 

Reminder to users of scholar.social 

Just arrived on scholar Dot social. I am Michael Northcott, written a few books and taught a lot of PhDs in my time at Edinburgh Uni. Now at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Teaching ecology and religion. Researching waste issues in Bali/Java, writing a new book - God and Gaia - exploring the history of Being / ontology in dialectical engagement with Lovelock’s Gaia theory / Earth System theory. Never been done before, crazily interdisciplinary - just how I like it!

Hello from my new existence-place on scholar dot social :)

Since my toots have all been wiped & for local timeline, new intro: I'm James Baillie, PhD student at the Uni of Vienna working on medieval Georgian history, general lover of the obscure and friend of forgotten things. Other things I do include game design/development, running a webforum community (exilian.co.uk), writing poems/comics/songs/stories, liberal policy development, and cute animal pictures.

Hello scholar.social and the wider fediverse o/~ and welcome to my

you may know me from @meena (my human account) or @hirojin (my tech account) where i frequently read papers or otherwise discuss academic subjects which are close to my heart.

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