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Hey there. This is my
I‘m a theologian at Ruhr-Uni Bochum, living in Heidelberg. My field of expertise is Systematic Theology - especially Protestant Theology from 20th/21st century. I‘m also interested in all sorts of open source culture.
Bringing these two together I am on to some explorations with an open journal called „Cursor“ together with @thomasrenkert and several other inspiring scholars.
Looking forward to learning about emerging possibilities of science communication.

Hey! Brand new so here's my - I'm an MLIS candidate on the school media specialist track. Trying to balance my passion for teaching info literacy skills to pre k-12 audiences and my curiosity for youth communication patterns/storytelling culture (pervasiveness of schoolyard games/urban legends/inside jokes, all the stuff you remember that's stuck for generations). Research on that coming in the near future!

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Hi, I'm currently working in IT in central Iowa, but starting a Physics/Astronomy degree through DMACC/ISU this year. Have a huge love for all things space exploration, and I also do historical fencing as an excuse to stay active and buy swords :)

Hi y'all! I'm a molecular and computational biologist who is nowadays developing a computer algebra system for a living. I'm interested in all things "open-science" and help to develop pandoc in my free time. Co-authored pandoc-scholar with @robert_winkler

Hi, I am a researcher/ professor originating from Germany and working in Mexico. Up to now, I published >80 articles in natural products/ analytical chemistry
I am very much interested in converting public money into public publications, public data and public data. Therefore, I am also co-author of pandoc-scholar (
On this community I hope to find more people interested in Open Science.

Hello and tēnā koutou everyone!
I am a pre-service high school teacher with an Honours degree in Fine Arts, but have always had an interest in the arts + humanities as a whole and of digital/Internet activism. Hope to get to know you!

Hello, I'm currently pursuing my master's degree on computer engineering, working on machine translation alongside information retrieval.
I'm also an avid linux user, supporting and using open source software daily.
I'm at the beginning of this track and have lots to learn, hope to be a part of this community soon, thanks!

Hello! I am a master of science student in Belgium focusing on communication, new media and society. I have a particular interest towards ICTs and human-centered innovation.

I'm also rather interested in the broad topic of media literacy, and particularly raising awareness towards the 'digital divide' and 'immaterial labor 2.0'.

I am still learning everyday, and I am hoping to have the chance to share some of my thoughts and research with this community.


I'm a PhD candidate in comparative education. I'll be defending my dissertation in just over a month. My research focuses on policy foresight and the future of technology and education. Looking forward to getting to know this community.

Hello. I am a PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering, specifically in medical imaging. :) Glad to be a part of this community.

Hello! I am a community psychologist studying technology and communities, video games, and LGBTQA communities using mixed methods. I'm a big open science proponent. I'm currently studying the fighting game community and working on making an open access video game that teaches high school and undergraduate students about research methods. I teach research methods and statistics, qualitative methods, media psychology, and community psychology. Looking forward to meeting you all!

I'm Saqer (pronouns: he/they).

I work on issues in Translation Studies, Trans* and Intersex Studies, and Medieval Islamic Studies.

I've got affiliations with Decolonial Studies and the larger "Religious" Studies discipline.

Currently finishing up my dissertation at Binghamton University.

Hey, there! It's nice to meet you all. I am a linguist who runs a university Japanese Program.

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Hi ! I'm a 23 years old French artist and researcher on audiovisuals studies. Been working, for the last two years, on the aesthetic implications of digital structures through moving pictures, and how those are actually reconfiguring our perception of reality.
In any case, really happy to join this community, I'll be interested on seeing your work!

And my absolute favorite written thing ever is...The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy.

Hello! I am a Brit Lit scholar/prof, 16th-18th centuries. I specialize in the history of science/medicine, the history of neuroscience, the development of the novel, 17th-c poetry, the history of medical imagery, anatomy, and on and on and on... Nice to meet you all!

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