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Sorry everyone!

Server went down and not sure why :/

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I am a researcher in solar energy materials ( at present perovskites). Renewables are a necessity..isn't it ?
Other than that I love thinking about random stuff, watching movies, fixing stuff, travelling..etc
I use and advocate GNU/Linux and free software.
I follow socialism, marxism, openscience movements.

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Hello everyone, I am currently studying Early Childhood Education. I have a BA in English (emphasis on linguistics and critical theory) and an MA in TESOL. My interests include Social Justice, Guitar, History, Multiple Sclerosis, Good food, Film, and Alpine Travel. I am currently studying Developmental Psychology among other subjects

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Name is Slow (not real name or is it?).

Second semester English literature and linguistic student at the university of Luxembourg (

Not much attracted by social medias in general, however, the concept of this platform is rather appealing.

Hope you guys can help me sometimes with assessments or give me feedback on stuff which is related to academics. ;)

Oh, and yeah, large Neil Gaiman advocate. Sooo, be ready for toots filled with nerdy fantasy stuff.

Peace out

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I'm researching and IT at University of Turku. I'm doing my PhD on Freedom of Speech on the Internet, with a focus on the morality of web censorship. I'm interested in new technologies, , and .

Giving Mastodon a try, here.

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I went from Jaiku to Twitter to here.

I am a mom, babywearer and member of . I like doing yoga and mindfulness, and also less often than I should.

I work as an university lecturer/researcher and am currently working on my PhD about in Journalism studies.

Hi there!

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Musician, conlanger, worldbuilder, academic, INTP.

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. Not sure what I've signed up for here but jumping in! Looking for online community with reflective, curious folks. I am a mother of two young children, wife, brain injury rehabilitation specialist, speech-language pathologist, meditation instructor, mindfulness educator, business owner and amateur violinist. A fellow orchestral musician turned me on to this group and I am looking forward to learning how to engage with it/you all.

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I teach personality assessment, clinical skills and psychodynamic therapy at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo.

I also take a keen interest in computer technology, especially , and other decentralized technologies.

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I teach history at Normandale Community College. I'm teach digital history in my survey courses and am looking for places to foster creative discussions for my students.

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I'm a 25 yo statistics/ML student in Sweden. Blog:

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Hi all, . I'm structural engineering student looking forward to socialize with other fellow students and friendly people. Escaping twitter and fb, happy to be part of this community,

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. I'm a central administrator in a large school district. Previously, I was lucky enough to be the principal of middle school and a teacher.

I'm interested in how technology can be used in education. Not just the promise, but the real world implications.

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Hi, All. I first joined and now I'm exploring this instance. I'm a lawyer by day, but my academic interest is in artificial intelligence and the legal issues that arise out of its use. I publish a podcast on this issue at and the latest episode is on AI in Advancement in Higher Ed. I've been asked to teach a course on trademarks at a law school as part of a certificate program, but I am also looking for advice on finding more opportunities to teach.

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