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A properly hashtagged

this is a list of interests.

(Yes, I do realise that I seem to be the only one in the fediverse using these hashtags)

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I'm by no means new to masto (main account is @verity) but hey

I'm a med student (intercalating in cell biology atm)

interested in:
šŸ‘“ pathology (forensic or histo?? idk)
šŸ‘“ pre-hospital med/first aid
šŸ‘“ horror fiction
šŸ‘“ interactive fiction
šŸ‘“ orchestra ()
šŸ‘“ Christian music

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A technical manager at the University of Edinburgh Library.

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Not a scholar myself. I'm a data scientist working at a startup that helps researchers and their universities write the impact part of their grant proposal (and, increasingly, other parts of the grants process as well) Interested in all things . and visualisation in particular

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I am a PhD in accelerator physics, who currently works for the European Spallation Source ERIC in Lund, Sweden. We are building the worlds brightest neutron source!

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i'm finishing an MSc and working as a researcher in a Metropolis on the eastern seaboard of North America. I map oral life stories using computational linguistics methods and webmapping tools. I'm interested in your inner worlds and how you build them and tell them. That aside, I'm interested in all things that involve the human and the spatial.
Get in touch! Let's make this space a party for ideas.

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Hello! I'm currently studying "Systems Analysis and Development" (don't know how it'd be called in other places) in college. I was looking for an instance more related to my life style when I found this one.

I can see myself tooting about my days as an IT student, libre/open-source software (eventually), education in general (just curious about it) and other random things.

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. My name is Rose. I am a Hydrology MS who is very close to graduation. I don't really know what I want out of this instance, just figured it was my sort of crowd and I would join up

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I'm a former software developer now doing freelance , , etc., for scholarly authors and publishers, and for several journals published by JHU Press. (More CV at

Much of my work involves East Asian history, literature, and religious studies, but I work on other humanities publications, and a bit of Comp Sci as well.

I've also taught as an adjunct in first-year Composition/Rhetoric programs.

Happy to have found!

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I study 3rd year of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Seville (

I am interested in Logic, Computer Science and Science in general.

In particular, I use Arch Linux and NixOS, my main editor is Emacs because of abbrevs and live TeX preview (although I'm open to suggestions). I'm also interested in modern TeX, specially XeTeX, LuaTeX and ConTeXt.

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Hi all! I just heard about Mastodon while ranting about how Twitter should have banned Trump and how, if they don't, the serious people of the world need to move to something else. I'm thinking Mastodon is it. (a) Am I right and (b) should I tell everyone I know to join? @NickJMatzke -- evolution/biogeography at Australian National University

Hello everypeople:

Just a reminder that I am extremely open to suggestion about new custom emojos specific to

We already have :blobpats: (and it's wearing a cute mortarboard!?!!)

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PhD Student at the College of Information in the University of Maryland.

I study ethics and software development, the pedagogy of that, and the tools and training required by professionals.

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I found this place so, time?

Iā€™m a masters student and teaching assistant in the communication and rhetorical studies department at Syracuse University (standard disclaimers apply!)

My interests at the moment include biopolitics, online cultures (yes, that means memes), surveillance, and modern political movements (yep, that means the alt-right).

I also have interests in (post)-Marxism, (post)-phenomenology, and critical theory in general. So, yeah, hi?

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# I'm a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College. I study the ways in which secondary school teachers learn in communities of practice and how best to support teachers to grow and thrive. Currently also director of the Claremont Colleges Center for Teaching and Learning.

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I'm a quantitative and social psychologist (my PhD is in social, but I'm better at quantitative). Most of my work is with latent variable models in the area of applied child development and/or behavioral public health (e.g., substance use).

I have a day job, but I also have a shingle for statistical consulting; link is my bio.

I'm keenly interested in the movement (cf. social psychologist) and pushing my colleagues along as fast as I can!

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I'm a computer science student, about to graduate with a bachelor degree.

I'm smart with computers, but not that smart. I have a tendency to be a bit of a generalist, both in the computer world and otherwise.

I'm running on Haiku OS, as uns(ui)table as.

I heard about Deleuze's Repetition and Difference, and thought that might be interesting to look at.

I don't know why. 'Some houses are rich, full of silver and gold. Some houses are poor sort of empty and old.'

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I have some other accounts, but I figured I'd set something up over here. I'm a librarian working at Penn State {{disclaimers}} on linked data stuff, labor, reuse of cataloging records, library discovery... I have too much to write, a grant to propose, and I'm very tired.

I get stress relief and comfort by immersing myself in analog things--quilting, paper, general sewing, tabletop RPGs, and from the hills of Pennsylvania where I live.

I wonder how many people tried to join us and got frustrated and left because I didn't click the button earlier :(

Friends I did it

It was literally a single button that I had to push

All http traffic is now directed to https for

So now people will stop thinking that the server is down

Except when the server is down