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I am a Laboratory Physician- Clinical Biochemist/Chemical Pathologist to be exact. Did my MBBS from Medical College, Kolkata, did my Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Diplomate of National Board (DNB) in Clinical Biochemistry. I have special interest in . Currently working as a Senior Resident at a premier medical institution under Government of India.

Outside of my work, I love playing Table Tennis.

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I'm new to Mastodon and figuring out how it works, and also came across it in the wake of recent Tumblr and Facebook changes.

I'm a senior undergrad finishing a BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Washington. I'm also a former AEMT working as a medical scribe in a major hospital ED. My interests are in public health, emergency medicine, ornithology (with a borderline obsession with corvids), and LGBTQ issues including HIV/AIDS.

Hello. I am a Political Science PhD candidate who also has an interest in research methodology and data science. My dissertation focuses on how American political institutions shape foreign policy (economic sanctions, in particular) and how outcomes and types of policy differ between institutions. .

Hi all! I'm a first year med student planning to go into family med. I have a formal biology background but a strong interest in critical theory, anthropology and art history. Here because SESTA-FOSTA kicked everyone off of tumblr. Cheers!

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I guess we're supposed to introduce ourselves? Never used Mastodon, I see there's some etiquette involved. It's like IRC meets Tumblr meets Twitter. Wild.

I am a Political Science PhD Candidate. Dissertation time. Study mostly American Politics with a focus on Race and Gender. Here for the memes and to get away from Nazis on Twitter. .

Hello everyone. I'm a 4th year medical student applying into Family Medicine residencies. I used to work in Information Technology before I went to college. I have a Bachelor's in Philosophy, for which I focused on Ethics. I'm always happy to chat about anything interesting or help out when I'm needed. Feel free to follow or PM me for whatever.

Hoping this note finds you well,

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Introduction time!

I am a Political Science grad student. My research focuses on Gramsci and neoliberalism. I have spending quite a bit of time on ethics and WIttgenstein recently as a way to recharge.

I am epileptic and pay for my meds via Twitch, which is the most Millennial thing I do.

New users here, so I'll start regularly posting bits of Mastodon etiquette!

One thing that might be new is having to think about what privacy setting to use for your posts

For a lot of posts, you probably want Unlisted—not Public!

Unlisted posts go to your followers and they're boostable; off-topic posts are allowed and encouraged

Public posts go on the Local Timeline; and for, Public posts should be "on topic" (topic is: academia, teaching, learning—if in doubt, use a CW)

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Hi all, just found this instance and thought I'd make a quick .

I'm sadly not a student anymore, graduated a few years back with a masters in bioethics and bachelors in medical anthropology and evolutionary biology. I've got a variety of interests ranging from computer science, medicine, cognitive science, theatre, literature, and linguistics.

Looking forward to interacting with you all!

Hi everyone, I'm Rachel. I'm an associates level student working to finish a two year AA degree. This semester I was accepted into UNC Chapel Hill starting Fall 2020 and will be going for a & undergrad, then hopefully moving on to complete a graduate degree. My literary favorites are mostly late Brit lit, although in my free time I read a lot of & graphic novels. Other loves: cats, coffee, and posts.

Hi, I am a researcher and informatician, living in Germany, interested in nature, technology, formal systems, the history of science.

Okay here's my

Hey there all, I'm Delilah. I'm a student currently working on creating social emotional learning-oriented content for grades K-2. I am proficient in Japanese on a business level (which is good, because I live here). I am a lover of coffee and books.

Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm an emerging professional currently working as the in a small house museum in my hometown.
Along with I enjoy various , , and crafts. One of my favorite things to do at work is show people how , , , and the like are all intertwined and help others make connections with the past.

I'm a first year undergrad in the UK with a passionate interest in and everything else!

Je suis bien content de parler français si vous voulez.

I’m Paul, a retired but still working academic. Started in Literature, transitioned to catholic theology (back when that had a life), moved on to Buddhism and zen in particular. In between, did a lot of work on Gandhi. Now studying languages, Greek, Sanskrit, Mandarin and playing viola for a break

Hi! I'm J.T./Taylor, I'm from the north of England, and I'm an undergrad final year student.
I'm broadly interested in queer embodiment. My dissertation is about how violence/weaponry facilitates male homosociality/homoeroticism within crime TV. I've also completed funded research into trans representation in MPreg fan-fiction.
I love bullet journaling, so if you choose to follow me you might see the spreads I make to procrastinate on my actual degree work!

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