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This is my first day on a mastodon instance. All Kind of guidance is appreciated, well, not all Kind. Thanks!

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Any person with common sense can understand THE FINAL THEORY.

You need not to be a scholar of or .

And still THE FINAL THEORIE offers a framework to explain all of them. It explains everything humans do, all animals do, all micro-organisms do and all matter does.

It explains even why there is a universe.

All you need to do to understand THE FINAL THEORY is you need to have the goal to understand it.

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Hi, I'm a professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. My research is in AR/VR (XR), and mostly focuses on experiences, social, HCI and tools. I have work on web-based AR for years, which is how I find myself on an extended leave at Mozilla, working as a Principal Research Scientist on WebXR, all-things-AR and projects like hubs and Firefox Reality.

I mostly use @blair (because, why be in the fediverse if you don't have your own node?)

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Hello! I'm a UX Writer from Sri Lanka living in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I'm planning to do pursue studies in Computer Science field.

Happy to be here :)

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Hello! I'm a MA student in theology who is about to start doing thesis work to finish my degree.
My areas of interest/study entails ethics in a missiological context, in paticular where it concerns relationships between settlers and North American Indigenous peoples. I approach my studies with an eye to post-colonial discourse carried about by Aboriginal authors.

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Hi! I'm L.P.
I know, I know, it's not "professional" to not use my real name, but we are on Mastodon here and I value privacy as much as information: I hope it's not a problem if I hang out here without giving my name.

I'm a master degree in theoretical physics, so I've pratically no value nor indexes that describe my career, as if I will always have a brilliant one...

I'll mostly lurk.

Thanks for this fantastic istance!

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I’m billy and i study and the and I don’t know yet what I will do after I graduate soon

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Hello! I'm a postdoc studying antibiotic-resistant infections. I am especially into , models, , , and . In my free time I like consuming and books/podcasts and stress-eating swedish fish :)

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I'm a desert-dwelling grad student currently finishing up a dissertation on the history of anarchism and free love in the US c. 1880-1920.

My interests include feminism, hiking, weird antiques, making things, cooking things, and telling you how adorable my dog is.

Let's be friends!

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If I see you in my follower list I'll be less inclined to reject your paper. That's just how objective a grumpy reviewer I am.

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Hi there, after a long working life as a graduated engineer working 33 years with an international IT company as architect and consultant in the field of information security, I found all the ideas required to make "The Final Theorie" during the 10 years of my retirement.

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hi all. i am a student in the psychology of human-roboter-interaction. also i'm interested in good ui and design in general and i like to play my guitar.

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Hello everyone! I'm a PhD student in linguistics as well as a lecturer at a small, private university and the coordinator of its writing center.

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Hello all. I teach 6-16 year olds in the subjects math, science, music, choir, movie making and outdoor activities. Every morning the 200 pupils and the adults meet and sing three songs from our school song book. I often accompany the lovely singing by playing piano.
Greetings from Denmark.

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