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Hi all. I'm mainly a programmer/ data scientist. I think a lot about those things and how we could use them for the common good. Aside from that I'm also quite interested in social justice, philosophy and art. I'm not currently in any research position but still like to do research and science communication in my spare time. If you need a CS/ statistics person for some help, feel free to reach out! I'm also starting a blog about basically anything on

Hi to all! I discussed my PhD thesis almost two years ago, I have a PhD in Philosophy, and my research field was philosophy of music, aesthetics, and political philosophy. I had some problems during my PhD (health and psychological problems, mobbing) and I discussed my thesis without any pubblication. After a couple of years I would like to try to enter again in the research field, and I joined this instance to ask for advice to others academics in order to find advice.

#JournalClub for 2020 April 

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👨🏾‍🚀, geeky medical student pursuing a career in Aerospace Medicine

🔬 with other professional interests, including: healthcare management, informatics, & medical research

🎮 fanboy, hobbyist programmer, and digital privacy & rights activist

hi everyone, i'm an undergrad student in my senior year at NYU. my individualized major focuses on the social and environmental sciences and im planning to start law school in the fall

I am a PhD student in Brazil, my research is on Behavior Based Safety and I'm developing a new theoretical model for the implementation of BBS considering different instances of attencion in safety and metacontingencies. Also I'm a scientific comunicator in a Brazilian podcast called Dragões de Garagem (Dragons from Garages, like the Carl Sagan's allegory for falsifiability)

Instance policy on April fools' day 

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Hi there. I'm a research associate working on antibiotic resistance at the University of Exeter UK. Normally I combine mathematical models with experiments of parallel evolution to measure speeds of adaptation (then sequence the heck out of the microbe to look for underlying mutations).

But I'm also a g33k. A lucky one. I am currently working on a project to develop high-throughput, computer vision-based spectrophotometers (checkout website!). So, tons of !!

Hello world,
I am a PhD student in Edinburgh, currently using experiments to investigate language and cognition.
I am generally interested in how meaning-making in interaction allows humans to act efficiently together and how communication systems (like language) evolve culturally to enable this.
Most of my work involves experiments designed to address this directly in the lab by having humans solve problems with communication. I am also an advocate. :)

Hi, I'm a doc student in material sciences at UFAL/Brazil. I work with latent fingerprints, silver nanoparticles, nanowires. I'm biomedical scientist, MSc. in forensic expertise.

Currently researching the improvement of conductive polymers and nanoparticles for developing latent fingerprints and explosives detection.


Hello, all. I made an account here in the early days, but haven't been using it, so saying hi again.

I'm a social and psychologist. My general role is to be third author :), doing the statistical/methodological heavy lifting on papers on child development and behavior problems, substance abuse and other health risk behaviors, school and community interventions, and a fair bit more (e.g., chronic pain, infant sleep) as consultant.

Also, advocate.

Philosopher of biology with wide interests! Also comms consultant for research institutions. I write and think about deep interdependencies & niche construction in biology. What do they mean for individuality? Invested in figuring out how communicators can bridge disciplines & build communities. Promoting sustainability in philosophy and philosophy of science communication. Born in Taiwan. Raised in the US. Based in Europe. Follow me for , & expat musings.

#JournalClub for 2020 March 

Hi y'all! We are a non-profit in devoted to spreading awareness and love of fungi in all their forms. We lead forays twice a month during the growing season (May-Oct), as well as monthly meetings on various fungal topics. These events are open to the public, but you can support our organization by becoming a paid member or volunteering. Keep an eye out for our upcoming events on the social medias or signing up for our newsletter

Hi, everyone! I am a philosophy student and I am currently in the process of writing my MA thesis on the topic of Spinoza and social engineering. My further research interests include the history of modern philosophy, Marxist theory, and critical theory. Feel free to follow me! 😀

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