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Hi, scholars!

I'm a writer (mostly of television promos) in Atlanta. Non-academic these days, but I never stopped studying. Some of you may remember me as the admin of the now defunct instance Primary interests are philosophy, history, religion, literature and the arts.

I'm an old geezer from London, working in HE, on a break from a doctorate.

Hello, friends!

I'm a shy, undergrad - pursuing an Bachelors in the Liberal Arts, and an Bachelors in Computer Science simultaneously over a 5 year period. I study the Humanities by day, and STEM by night!

Right now in my BA, I am learning Ancient Greek and Latin, for the study of Greek and Roman philosophers like Heraclitus or Lucretius. Likewise, in my BsC, I am learning JavaScript and C++!

I'm so honoured to be among this community. I can't wait to learn from all of you!

I'm a French grad student in English studies. This year, for my master's thesis, I studied translation in sci-fi novels. I'd like to continue this research next year while doing a translation studies Phd 🤞🏻.

Fun fact, I went back to college in my mid-thirties. I very much enjoy reading, music (from metal to electronic), cemeteries, low brow art, biology and chatting.
I'm also training to become a sophrologist.

Where the Black studies scholars at?

Any Caribbean studies ppls on here?

resumed this old account, once created by chance
studying Geology
I'd like to move in the future onto Earth Sciences

Hello Scholar! I'm Artist Marcia X & I finally got my account here!
I'm doing a Masters in Research of Art & Design, or Artistic Research at EINA in Barcelona.

My thesis project:
'La Sangre Llama' is a body of performance and photography/video work exploring this post colonial body (Puerto Rico) and sites of colonial violence in a city (Barcelona). I would say this project explores a lot of what is unseen of monuments, statues and spaces of historical significance.

Hi everyone!
I'm an undergraduate student of . I'm interested in , , , , , etc.
I'm looking forward to meeting others and participating in discussions.

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