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Hello, fediverse! My name is Pavan.

I'm a medical student aspiring to work in aerospace medicine.

My are evolutionary biology, zoology, botany, nutrition, cosmology, astronomy, technology, and philosophy.

My include video games, anime, reading, photography, traveling, and programming.

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Hello! I'm Connor. I'm an undergrad CS major/TAM minor interested in human centered design and CS education.

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Hi! I'm Will, an undergrad from NYC, starting my academic career by doing some research with labelled trees and .

I also like programming, writing, game development, and bunch of other stuff.

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My name is Joe, I'm interested in how people discuss scholarly literature online. Mastodon looks cool. I wonder what people will use it for in the scholarly space...

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Attorney, programmer, PhD candidate in philosophy.
Working on a dissertation about free speech online.
Interested in everything computers, law, and philosophy, and excited about decentralized social media.

And with only ~ 40% of the cussing it normally takes!

Apologies for the downtime, is now running Mastodon v 1.6.1

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Poet & prose writer teaching HS and College comp / film / writing courses.
Interested in folk instruments (and music), linguistics, US public school students & constitutional rights, etc.

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Guess I should tag this with and mention that I'm an anthropologist and writing/rhetoric instructor.

Particularly interested in science and technology studies, ethnography, development studies, and critical studies of race and ethnicity.

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Hello everyone. I'm part of tonight's influx from , where I go by 'egregious theorem'. I do and teach math and stuff for my job, and I also like to wrestle, bike, sing, build, and read.

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It's been a while and there are new people here, so I guess it's time for .

I'm Aaron, a Visual & Media Arts teacher in a K-8 public magnet school.

I have what has been called a dry, sarcastic sense of humor.

Most things I post will relate to those two sentences.

I have very strong opinions on politics, but don't post much about that here. (When I do, I use a CW.)

I am a widower as of June 2016. That wound is still fresh.

I am still learning.

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Following @theartguy , I guess an post might be a good idea.

I'm Marc, a university and school EFL teacher in Japan. I like the idea of public education for all. Unfortunately, I need to eat and feed my family so I work at private institutions because I could get work there.

My academic research interests are listening and phonology as well as corpus linguistics and Task-Based Language Teaching.


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I'm a primary ICT teacher taking a break from the birdsite, looking to connect with primary or/and ICT teachers. I use birdsite for my work but hoping mastodon will be better for actual discussion and community.

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I am the grad school fairy, here to make your research problems disappear!

Or in :

.i mi'e la crida be lo bavmulcu'e .i mi zvati tu'a do ki'u lo du'u cancygau ro da poi nabmi do lo nu datnysisku

I am also a doctoral candidate at McGill U in Montreal, where I work with the STREAM research group. My research is in medical research ethics.

My blog:

I'm a trekkie. I'm also super-queer and love to make straight boys uncomfortable. I play the fiddle.

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Hi! I'm Eric Eide, a professor in the School of Computing at the University of Utah.

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Hey everyone I'm new to Mastodon and everything that's to do with it! I make bad puns and will review practically anything as long as i get paid (could pay me in anything,, tea, doodles, weird funny sculpture) #newhere

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I am interested in of and , , and of philosophy. I live and work in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I also like playing with code.

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astronomy -> comp sci -> environmental biotech -> Psychology

im a silly married guy who has played approx 23,000 hours of vidya games so far.

Unexpected houseguest this weekend

Will try to upgrade instance this week instead!

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Hi all! I'm excited to give Mastodon a try. I'm a theology PhD student at Fordham University. I'm passionate about teaching and studying connections between the Catholic theological tradition, urbanism, and social justice. I'll be posting about my academic work (it was a thrill to find this instance), but also about art, nature, podcasts, and sci-fi.