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Socrates @[email protected]

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I go by verity, normally

med student interested in a whole array of things! (and easily interested in things) 🚑 🔬

also musicky 🎵 and plays gaems 🎻

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I'm Scott, professor of medieval lit at Troy University. Finishing up a book on comic book/graphic novel adaptations of Beowulf at the moment. My non-academic passions include nachos and nacho-related activities.

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Software archivist people and metadata librarians: how to properly cite versioned and packaged software? Is there a winning provenance metadata standard? (Compiler and build environment information)

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I'm Steph, a faculty archivist whose respository documents primarily the Baptist history of NC and University records, activities, and communities.

Archivists do work that is remniscent of librarian work, but instead of focusing on a single book or publication, we most frequently work with groups of materials in the aggregate.

I probably need a button that says "ask me if your (digital or analog) work output is a University record!"

Apologies for the downtime—had to renew https certificate!

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Yay !

I'm a data scientist and author. I think a lot about what we can and can't learn from data.

Some questions I'm interested in:

1) How do our definitions (of customers, of behaviors, of citizens) shape the kinds of decisions we make?

2) How does data analysis mediate power as the world becomes more digitized?

3) How do statistical techniques shape the bounds of rationality? What can we understand that we couldn't understand before?

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Hello! I teach normative business at the School. My main research questions:

1) Ethical limits on law enforcement. Should all good laws be enforced? Should all important criminal laws be enforced with prison?

2) Economic civil disobedience and the ethics of obeying the law. When, if ever, is it OK to treat fines as a cost of doing business?

3) Transactional justice. Consent is not always enough to make an economic transaction ethical. What else is needed?

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Hi - I work at Jisc and mainly share updates about how academics can make the most of tech for learning. Looking forward to making new connections and friends on Mastodon :-)

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So are in order. I am Chris a person of many trades (graphic design, game design, coding, web development). I run a blog where I teach everything from how to run a business to how to teach yourself code or design. Most of my toots on here will be about learning something. If you want to hear my nonsense ramblings follow me over at @Rantula

Sorry for the downtime!

I woke up this morning and the server was flaking out

Restarted it, now it seems to be fine

Will continue to monitor

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Hi all!

I have been studying neuroscience for a while. Recently wrote a book about how the neocortex works (focus on dendritic computation 😉 ) and how we can use our knowledge about it to develop better AI algorithms. Hit me up if you want to talk

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Hi my name is Alex& am Romanian, only 20 years old.
I studied musical theory and mathematics. I like to compose on the piano and I like physics.
I dropped out from a Neuroscience course because of personal health issues. I'm now studying Christianity at my local University, and I can tell you with clear mind that God does not exist in its theist form.

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I'm currently a PhD candidate at in in the history of . I particularly study early Christ Assemblies (or "ekklēsiai," more commonly known as "churches") in relation to the popular Assemblies (again "ekklēsiai") that still existed in cities across the eastern Mediterranean during the early Roman imperial period.

I am also an avid user and am always on the lookout for more options whenever available.

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Hello all! I'm a student pursuing interests in technology and programming, though I also have great interest in humanitarian issues and philosophy, I would love to discuss any of these matters with anyone.

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Hi, I'm a former candidate in who left under less than pleasant circumstances. Now I'm checking the accuracy of ads in NYC. expat, H1B.

I am still interested in the ways bacteria coordinate action in complex environments, but I also think that the updating of the way we share research outputs is worth devoting a career to.

I like through s, and -fi. Trying to be Google Services free.

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Once pursued an academic career, but that was long ago. Have spent the vast majority of my adult life living in various East Asian countries, with accounting for most of the last two decades.

I still enjoy being around academics and the level of rigor they are inclined to bring to even casual discussions (thus joining this instance).

I spend most of my time living out of a suitcase on the road between work sites and projects. In when not on the move.

And with that, was upgraded to Mastodon v 2.2.0 :)

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We are also joining hands with, an academic instance for professional scholars!!! They seem like cool folks!!!!!

They are run by @socrates.


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Hello! I am an assoc. prof. in engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I do some work in robotics, engineering education, and engineering design.

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- I'm an academic librarian in Montréal. I'm currently working with Concordia University's engineering & computer science departments, plus I oversee some of our digital services. I'm interested in intellectual liberty and the junctions of physical and digital knowledge systems.

I'd originally made an account on another instance but I like the way this one targets a scholarly environment. I think I'll copy over my posts before I get too deep.