Server upgrade and Patreon 

Greetings scholars,

You may have noticed there was some unscheduled downtime yesterday. Basically, there was so much traffic that the server got knocked down and kept getting knocked down.

So I got out my credit card and doubled the amount of RAM on the instance VPS. The instance is feeling nice and snappy today, if I say so myself!


Server upgrade and Patreon 

Many of you have generously offered to support as our server costs are going up

For the VPS tier we're on, this last upgrade brings our costs to $36/month and ~ $10/month in S3 costs for media

I set up the following Patreon page:

Please do not feel obligated to donate, especially if it would stress you financially

But if you are able, willing and happy to keep Scholar Social running, please do so! :)

Thanks everyone!

Server upgrade and Patreon 

@socrates we could search for sporsorship among universities or scholar institutions too. So we could ensure some budget other way than donations

Server upgrade and Patreon 

@somenxavier I don't think I would want to receive money, except from individuals, to be honest

We don't actually have such high needs that it would take more than a handful of people to pay for it, for one thing

And I would be worried about what an institution would expect in return

I'm not going to change Scholar Social into "Elsevier presents Scholar Social" haha :P

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