New users here, so I'll start regularly posting bits of Mastodon etiquette!

One thing that might be new is having to think about what privacy setting to use for your posts

For a lot of posts, you probably want Unlisted—not Public!

Unlisted posts go to your followers and they're boostable; off-topic posts are allowed and encouraged

Public posts go on the Local Timeline; and for, Public posts should be "on topic" (topic is: academia, teaching, learning—if in doubt, use a CW)

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@socrates Does boosting a public post from a person I'm following also go onto the local timeline? Thanks!

@Geoff_Ivison No, the Local Timeline only contains posts from other users on who used the Public setting!

Those only go into the Home timelines of the people who are following you

@socrates Ah! this is good for old users too. I knew there was a distinction but for some reason the use case had never clicked until I read this post.

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