More Masto etiquette

Content Warnings may be new to many of you

Try to think of them as being similar to the Subject line of an email

They're not censorship; they're not a punishment; they're not something that need only be applied in cases where the content is very offensive

They're a piece of meta-data that it is polite to provide and that you're expected to supply in certain cases to help others to decide whether/when to engage with your post

This may raise the question, So when should I CW a post?

On, we have a list of things where CW's are required:

But beyond that, if you see people asking for CW's on a particular subject, add them! It costs you almost nothing and it can be very helpful for maintaining the kind of space we want here

@socrates That being said, #contentwarning policy varies from instance to instance. Ask your admin for advice.

@socrates but as a subject line that requires more than moving your eyeballs, they’re quite annoying! If there is CW issue, why add a barrier? If a subject line is needed, wouldn’t one above an unhidden message be better?

@socrates they also just help keep the timeline manageable, with how much longer posts can be on here than on twitter. especially if you use an instance that doesn't have dynamically resizing columns, a long post can fill up the entire screen, but with a CW it can be collapsed when you're done!

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