Scholar Social is hosting , a free online conference

If you would like to be a presenter, please find the link to the sign-up form below

Thanks in advance to everyone!

Follow-up question for @Cyborgneticz: Is it ok to talk about my professional environment (particle physics / LHC) rather than my research area (science communication)? I’m not a particle physicist, but the subject may be of interest, and I am unfortunately more comfortable talking about that than my own research.

Thanks for organising this!

@RaoOfPhysics If you feel comfortable enough presenting and answering questions then of course!

@socrates I would love to learn more about this! Can anyone watch/present? What sort of topics are people presenting on, do you know?

@nev Yeah, you're welcome if you consider yourself a:

🍍 Researcher
🍍 Writer
🍍 Formal academic
🍍 Teacher
🍍 Person with expertise you want to share

No formal credentials required

I'm planning to present on medical research ethics in cancer, but the topics will be from many different domains

You should definitely do one!! :D

@bgcarlisle i am thinking about what i might have to offer!

@socrates It would be nice to be able to sign up to a fediverse event without Google surveillance.

@socrates My academic readers are on Twitter. On Mastodon I talk about other stuff. So not many relevant people would see the toot if I start.

It was just advice. I think it would help make the meeting a success given the kind of people that hang around here.

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