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> Do not attempt to weaponize our Community Standards or anti-abuse tools/policies against marginalized groups such as people of colour, women or queer people.

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@socrates "a straight person who reports a queer person for writing "I hate straight people" may find their own account suspended"

Honest question, why is this? Is it some sort of "dogwhistle" thing?

@socrates I mean in my understanding "I hate straight people" is similar to "I hate non-straight people" in nature, i.e. hate speech.

Tho sometimes I find there are cultural backstories to these kind of phrases that people that are not part of the culture don't know and can't understand at face value.

Like e.g. with "all lives matter", for someone that's not familiar with the US culture it needs some explaining to understand why that's actually a bad slogan.

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@cadadr Yes, you're correct

There's a world of difference between a straight person, on the one hand, who says "I hate fags" from a position where they are systematically privileged over queer people, and a queer person on the other hand, who has been for their entire life the target of anti-queer hate, which is backed by a systemic power imbalance, and shakes their fist at that and says "I hate straight people"

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@socrates Thanks a lot for taking the time to write a clarification!

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@cadadr Hope this helps you to identify systemic power imbalances in the future and understand similar dynamics!

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