Suspended a user today for anti-blackness

Have some self-awareness, new friends

If a Black person is talking about their experience of harassment on Fedi as a Black person

And you, a white person, drop into their mentions to tell them that they're not doing it politely enough for your tastes

That's racism, and you don't get a warning before I close your account

If you wanted to join an anti-racist community, this is part of what it looks like:

Harassment of Black people is a bigger concern than a white person's comfort

If that bugs you, let me know and I can delete your account too

Don't worry, there are plenty of trash instances on Fedi that will take you in

@nixfreak The Fediverse has an anti-Black streak and it's the official policy of Scholar Social that: fuck that

@clarinette @socrates

A warning might help the person who said anti-black things. But to keep them around, you could lose the Black person they went after in the first place. Not good. :/

@xenophora @clarinette If you want a warning so bad, consider this thread a warning, then

And if it bothers you that it's a white person's account that was deleted to make a "teachable moment" for the rest of us

Think about why you'd be okay if it had been a Black person being asked to be a "teachable moment" for the white person's moral education by warning the white person (hint: it's racism)

@xenophora @socrates @clarinette saying “i don’t care about anyone’s colour” makes you look worse than you realize, i’m afraid

@dexiheart @socrates @clarinette

Oh. :o I'm sorry if that's how it came out. I was actually trying to say that I agreed with the mod's decision. Especially since it appears that they'd already mentioned the possibility in their ToS.

@dexiheart @clarinette @socrates

Oh, thanks. I worry that my hands get ahead of my silly brain sometimes. o_0

@dexiheart @socrates @xenophora you’re getting your whole instance a block from us, yes. As a black person who insists they are black, your comment stating that from your perspective, I am not black… is exhausting and repetitive and I don’t have time for it anymore. I’m sure there’s loads of others feeling the same. I recommend listening to black people whether you believe they exist or not, they would know. They do. We do. GL.


I still don't understand your point. It's just plain bad manners to waltz into a stranger's conversation and tell them you don't like their tone. Also, each instance owner can run their instance exactly as they wish. If they don't feel you merit a warning, then you don't get one.


[nod] Then I'd suggest keeping in mind that others came here with that expectation and hope, too. The Fediverse has had problems in the past with Black posters being trolled and hounded until they quit this space. The moderators at scholar are clearly trying to make that less likely in the future. Which I think is good.

@clarinette @xenophora Why are you making this about you? Because it's not. It's more important for poc to feel safe in a space than for white people to have as much room as possible to learn stuff- at the expense of everyone who isn't white

@clarinette @xenophora they were actually paying for what *they* had done
It's very concerning that you're this offended over "racism isn't welcome here"

@clarinette @xenophora then go go one of the Nazi instances, you would never be banned there and you'd be blocked from interacting with us
If your version of "free speech" means "tolerate the intolerant and let people be harassed" then you shouldn't be roaming around in the mastodon instances that care about protecting marginalized people more than your feelings

@socrates A saw this post from a boost, and I was compelled to comment this: <3

@DonnaLanclos Thank God no tone policing for disadvantaged groups! Yes! This is how it should be done!

@socrates That’s the completely right thing to do. There should be no place for it. Love and peace. ❤️❤️✌️✌️

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