Friends on Scholar, I recommend using either the Masto web app, or an app that:

🍍allows you to set Unlisted as your default posting setting, and
🍍allows you to add image descriptions

Otherwise you may end up spamming the Local Timeline with stuff that should be Unlisted, or you might end up having offending posts removed, as per our Community Standards

This means, confusingly, that the "official" Mastodon iOS app is a bad choice, I'm afraid, as it provides no way to post as Unlisted

@socrates thank you for the warning. I was looking for the option in the iOS for longer than I'd like to admit. Any recommendation for a replacement?

@leouieda I won't recommend any particular app officially as the admin of Scholar

But personally I use Toot!, and you can always save the web app from Safari by tapping the "share" button at the bottom of the browser, then "Add to Home Screen"

@bgcarlisle thanks! Just got Toot! and really enjoying it so far. This is the type of software I'm more than happy to pay for. And thank you for maintaining Scholar! ❤️

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