Scholar Social is taking a break from new sign-ups for the time being to allow the new people who recently joined to either settle in if they like it here, or wander off if they don't

I'll also be able to gradually work through the list of remaining people who signed up that I haven't even gotten to yet

Depending on how many people stick around, registrations may open again at a later date

The priority is ensuring that effective moderation is possible and maintaining community ethos

@socrates although I've been on here for a relatively long time, I'm somehow not familiar with what moderation involves or new sign-ups require. Is it something that people can collaborate on/that you'd want others to help with? I ask because it seems like using this becomes more valuable to each person as more connections join. If there are a bunch of new people, they might be encouraging others they know to sign-up (though I guess that could also happen through other instances).

@socrates Thank you so much for all the work you do looking after this community, it's much appreciated!

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