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Socrates @[email protected]

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I get really smug about autocomplete defaulting to "" rather than "" (even though right now I need it to default to the latter).

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Hello. I have a PhD in philosophy from..well, that would be telling. My research was on political philosophy: the implications of Kant's insights into the transcendental logic of sovereignty for theories of democracy.

I fled academia after completing my doctorate--I'm one of those who found the whole thing traumatic and impossible. But I still love the subject, if not the profession itself. (Besides, There Are No Jobs.)

Right now I tinker on things.

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all elements of the periodic table as emojo

boost if you agree

@feli We could make this happen on

@christianp Was it you who had sent me this sort of info?

@theartguy So I've had people commenting on how much they like the :librarian_hushing: from other instances, which makes me think that it is visible on other instances as well?

Someone sent me stuff on here about enabling support for LaTeX formulas on Masto, but embarrassingly I have lost the toots :(

Does anyone have documentation on this?

We're now running on Mastodon 2.1.3! :D

I'm taking off-line for upgrades in about 10 mins!

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Hi! I'm a Digital Media PhD student at the Uni. of Porto. I come from a film&video background but been a teacher for more than a decade, teaching units related to a/v editing at first, later programming (mostly in Processing). My PhD research is precisely on the whys and hows of teaching and learning to code in art and design higher education programmes. I hope to find a great community here!

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Hello! I'm an artist who studied mass communications and just arrived in Glasgow to complete my Master in Collecting & Provenance. Landed here thanks to the good advise of @DrDonnaYates
Starting to define my thesis subject. I am interested in the process of recovery, return, repatriation of antiquities and works of art and just came across block-chain technology that seems to have the potential of a good tool in the whole process. So, just my first steps in many respects.

I will be upgrading to the newest version of Mastodon, possibly tonight or tomorrow night

Apologies in advance for any downtime (will try my best to have as little as possible)

While the outage is happening, by tradition, I go to my OTHER alt, @bgcarlisle to give important opinions about Star Trek and apologise for how long the upgrade is taking

New emojo for :librarian_hushing:

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I work for the Harvard History Department as a Digital Scholarship Facilitator, which basically means I help people smarter than me do cool stuff with technology, especially on the web.

I'm into speculative fiction, just finished reading "Walkaway" by Cory Doctorow, just started "Old Man's War" by John Scalzi.


Hushing librarian emojos it is then?

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A mastodon instance for librarians with dozens of custom emojos — all of which are increasingly ridiculous variations of hushing librarians.

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Library science grad student here, checking into!


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Oh, me? I'm a records manager (and archivist, though technically not the latter at the moment) from Milwaukee, WI, transitioning into municipal records after a decade of higher education records work. Send me your FOI requests!