last day to submit a presentation to , the informal conference we're hosting!

no formal credentials required + open to all instances on the fedi, come share the cool things you know!

Today is the last day to submit a presentation to

Are you a teacher, writer, researcher, academic, or do you have some other expertise that you would like to share?

There's no formal credentials required, and it's open to anyone on the Fedi, not just

This is a great way to keep up your teaching skills and get a little feedback in a low-pressure presentation environment

And you can't beat the price (it's $0 to attend/present/anything)

We have 16 presentations for
We have a minimum of one presentation everyday from July 27- August 8, sometimes two in one day!
Today is the last day to sign up.

hi, scholarsoc! my name’s nell, i’m 18, and i use they/them pronouns. i’m hoping to start my undergrad in the spring, probably in english!

i care a lot about literary analysis, storytelling, and music. my more fun interests include critical role, animal crossing, sky, embroidery, and miniatures!

please talk to me about the haunting of hill house?

Scholar Social is hosting , a free online conference

If you would like to be a presenter, please find the link to the sign-up form below

Thanks in advance to everyone!

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The goal of Summer School is to 1. provide scholars with a venue of talking about our work when so many things have been canceled and we need feedback 2. provide all of the fediverse knowledge and insight from people of multiple backgrounds 3. carry forward the ethics of which is that knowledge should be free and accessible to all is going to be putting on a free conference covering a variety of topics! We will have signup sheets for moderators, presenters, *and* participants coming soon.

Hello, I'm a PhD student on anaerobic digestion in Argentina. Specifically working on algae anaerobic co-digestion and wastewater treatment, trying to optimize the process and cycling nutrients.

Also about to begin learning different models of anaerobic digestion, like ANM or BNRM.

Feel free to reach me for any conversation. Be aware, I'm still learning English.


Howdy! I'm a recent grad from UNC CH in linguistics, looking to dive more into the (socio-/historical) of the Nordic languages. In particular, I like the vernacular varieties of northern Sweden, but just about any Nordic language is cool. I'm also interested in queer linguistics, and have co-authored a coming paper on singular they.

For fun I like to play video games, learn languages (Swedish and Gaelic are my current loves) and futz around on discord.

Hello! I'm an undergrad at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire about to switch to Critical Theory from the English Education program.

I'm not sure how many people on here are interested in art criticism, but I'd like to hang around even with no one!

I'm interested in free culture, anime, literature, hip hop, computing history, folk music, interactive fiction, esoteric online communities, tea, feminism, anti-racism, Romanticism, and rural americana.

be nice :)

Hello everyone! I'm an incoming grad student in the Master of Environmental Studies program at the University of Pennsylvania. I'll be concentrating in Degrowth and Technology, with an interest in exploring how counter-hegemonic forms of social media can help cultivate socio-ecological liberation and flourishing. If there are any degrowthers on here, I'd love to get connected!

I'm also a classically-trained actor who enjoys memes, music, animation, dance, and peanut butter. 🤖

I'm a new postdoc at the University of Washington eScience Institute. My PhD is in physics but I'm transitioning to developing statistical learning techniques/software for neuroimaging data. More info at

I'm a fan of open science and reproducibility. I enjoy climbing, hiking, and growing up all over again with my daughter.

I'm looking to engage with people with similar research interests and who can help me further develop myself as a data scientist.

I am Black, queer, nonbinary, & an unabashed people person. MD/PhD student in NYC; trying to escape with my sanity & ethics intact. Learning to value kindness over cleverness.

Lots of boosts & personal posts here; to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Listing some things I like until I reach the character limit: tarot, storytelling, video games, worldbuilding, non-vocal music, sci-fi/fantasy (esp from people often erased from our vision of the future), plants, & you (probably).

Hi, I'm a cognitive science PhD candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

My research interests include cognitive modeling of psychometric tasks and phenomena, reasoning and relational thinking, cognitive architectures, and the foundations of cognitive science.

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