Mutual mentorship/support/"Academics Anonymous" 

Building off the energy and community from , will be hosting a mutual mentorship and support programme

The goal: to provide a venue for mutual support for people who are in academia, adjacent to it, considering entering it, or who have left it

Due to the nature of the programme, it will be intentionally a small group by invitation only, where everyone knows everyone

DM @Cyborgneticz or @bgcarlisle for more details

finally in order. I'm Joris, I'm in the last stages of my AI master trying to get my thesis of the ground. Want to do research into Natural Language Generation and Human-Computer Interaction.

Posting something to scare off certain kinds of people from this instance 


That's all

:heart_trans_black: you all!

Ahoi! I just moved from the Alps to the North Sea and I'm about to start my media studies PHD on the political economy of (alternative) social media, ideology in infrastructure and the fediverse in general - so being on here may count as research ;)

Updates to Community Standards 

Hi friends!

I've made some changes to the Community Standards

The big ones are:

1. "Providing unsolicited advice to strangers" is now explicitly "unwelcome conduct" (nothing happened to prompt this, but I felt it was good to state explicitly, just in case)

2. There is now a rule against "falsely representing oneself as a member of a minority"

Former archivist here. I specialize in digital records and cataloguing. Currently doing personal research on audio signal data.

Scholar Social reminder 

@egonw Np!

That would be neat

I bet I could make a bot that does that for people to subscribe to

Give me a couple days and I'll see what I can come up with

Scholar Social reminder 

Hi friends!

Don't feel like you need to go back and delete old posts or anything

But I've seen a few posts with link shorteners recently (links on,,,, etc.) and we're trying to avoid them on

Link shorteners track users without their consent and obscure the destination address, which prevents users from being able to decide whether they want to visit the link beforehand

Moving forward, please expand links before posting, thanks!

hi! I'm an artist and programmer currently studying to be a systems analyst.

#SummerSchool wrap-up 

Hi friends!

The slides, recordings or other media for that presenters have shared with us are now available at the following page:

Thanks again to everyone who participated, moderated, presented, and of course to the organizers!

Hey guys! I'm a Brazilian IT and programming technician and current CompSci student @ ICMC-USP. Glad to be on the decentralized net bandwagon.

@jaranta If you still have the email address, send it my way and I'll hit them up :)

@jaranta I don't know!

I don't see any documentation about who gets listed there or why

I just got my first academic job since finishing my PhD in 2017, so I'm celebrating with a new account!

I'm interested in energy transitions and will be working on an electric vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial as social researcher.

I'm also into architectural science and questioning the ubiquity of engineered solutions to human comfort.

thanks for showing up to !!! it was a blast putting it together and meeting yall

thanks @Cyborgneticz and @bgcarlisle for organizing, and all the presenters and moderators and attendees for your time!!

:blobpats: :HeartTrans:

Hey friends DM me if you need the link for the thank yous.

I still gotta get dressed so

at 6pm utc today @RaoOfPhysics will be presenting about the large hadron collider and the higgs boson, and using Very Big things to study the Very, Very Small for ! ⛰🐜

Selfie, science, CERN, COVID19 

Snuck into the ATLAS experiment’s cavern around 100 metres underground, on my first day back at since March.

If you are interested, join my talk tomorrow evening, where I will tell you all about the and the .

Send me a DM to get the video-conference info for tomorrow.

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