I am a master in mathematics and computer science. I am engaged in applied mathematics and software development. I spend my free time reading books and doing tennis and basketball. Pleased to welcome.

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But regardless of what you post, you MUST make it accessible

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Hello everyone! I’m a PhD student studying atmospheric physics; Arctic snow, at the moment, to be more specific. Most of my work is of the computational/data analysis variety, though I’m working both with data from remote sensing observations and from models. I spend much of my time wrangling large datasets with Python, but thankfully, I enjoy doing it (most of the time)!

Btw - i'm an astrophysicist, in CA. Don't know that i will have lots of time for another network, but def hoping people join 'Masto', and will point friends here, too.

Hello everyone! New to Mastodon in general. I am an undergrad studying chemistry with a minor in criminology. Hoping to go from that into med school and then on to an emergency medicine residency.

Hello all I'm a first year physics student in university with an interest in both particle physics and cosmology. I'm an all around science nerd that finds every field of study fascinating

Hello everyone! I'm currently in my senior year of prep school and most probably am going to take Computer Science as a major. Perhaps, I'll also take philosophy besides.

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hello world! i'm a former synthetic biologist. these days i make things for scientists to use, like experiment.com and research.pizza.

Chemistry masters student, finishing up my research and thesis to teach college chemistry courses. I have a love for all sciences, learning how things work, nature, woodworking, and tech.

I am 5th grade teacher. I am interested in the inclusion of social-emotional learning and multi-sensory learning in classrooms. I also really enjoy keeping up on science and tech news.

Hi! I am a Ph.D. student in bioinformatics currently studying diversity in Canadian bread wheat!

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Hi Mastodon! I'm an & postdoc at Michigan State and UMich 👋🏻

Pursuing a career in finance but figuring out how to get a philosophy degree and identify what's next.

Greetings :) I'm a PhD student in . My interest is in functional annotation of non-model organisms. I'm currently working on horse genome annotations. My goal is for my work to boost care for domestic animals as well as wild life preservation.

There're only introductions on feed😂 Hi from Tokyo. I'm a student taking liberal arts course.

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