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Hello scholar.social and the wider fediverse o/~ and welcome to my

you may know me from @meena (my human account) or @hirojin (my tech account) where i frequently read papers or otherwise discuss academic subjects which are close to my heart.

@drbjork @jaranta Not that I'm aware of

And based on how well they seem to have understood CW's on the Fediverse, I doubt that any of them used Mastodon at all, ever

Recent data scraping scandal 

Recent data scraping scandal 

Background in business, finance, and philosophy. Currently a graduate student of theology. Interested in the areas of spirituality, human well-being and development.

Hello! I’m currently a high school student in my sophomore year. My pronouns are she/her. I enjoy reading about interdisciplinary fields in STEM and art. I have interests in environmentalism, government systems, international relations, socioeconomics, and social justice. I’m also a Linux and FOSS enthusiast.

Hello. I'm a researcher/technologist with a focus on biomedical informatics. Main focus is creating novel software tools to help clinicians and researchers do their research. I also like trying out new software tech, with an interest in privacy focussed tools.

Outside academia most of my time is spent looking after my young son, but when I get a chance I also like listening to, playing and writing music.

Looking forward to contributing!

Hi! I'm Crystal and I'm a graduated linguistics major from UCLA, with a love of humanities.

I'm also a prospective graduate student for musicology, hoping to study indie music in East Asian countries, and am currently looking for research experience (if anyone out there needs an assistant, for humanities research of every kind -- especially if music related -- please hit me up, I'm available :P)

I do applied research and engineering in the software industry. Most of my work is for practical applications but I find myself doing more theoretical research these days. I’m currently studying relationships in representation theory, chaos theory, probability theory, and prime number distribution. I’m currently working on an applied topological generalization of the HTTP/2 protocol for classless application federation that relies on prototypical user data exchange semantics.

Greetings to new friends on scholar.social 

Greetings to new friends on scholar.social 

Hi! I have a MSc in psychology and a PhD in organizational behavior. Late bloomer, so I couldn’t really switch to academia when I finished my PhD: too advanced in my career. My practitioner self terribly misses research! At least my current work in government focuses in human behavior, mainly learning. I’m hoping to find like-minded peeps who also have a highly critical perspective on this big ole mess we’re in...

Big thanks to everyone on scholar.social for respecting the instance expectations regarding Content Warnings


Dashing yet careless, English language teacher/applied linguist/materials developer. Task-based language teaching, phonology, listening pedagogy. Also SF, comics, , general (post)modern fiction, electronic music esp. 90s techno and drum n' bass, indie rock.

New friends! Please feel warmly welcomed, but not pressured, to write a post tagged to tell us a bit about yourself

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And, friends who are familiar faces around here! Feel free to write re- posts too! :)

I am a fourth year philosophy undergrad in California. I like everything that is accessible from the armchair.

hi folks! happy new year! here's to a decade of satisfied curiosity.

i'm an enby who's invested in exploring barriers within and around CS education, especially about how the design of programming languages influence acquisition of computational skills. i'm currently in my undergrad, don't be afraid to send interesting content my way!

I'm an researcher in , with a background in economics, working at various intersections of resource conservation (mostly ), economy, and institutions in . Currently interested in of research.

I also love teaching and am deeply interested in exploring new forms of and understanding challenges of interdisciplinary teaching.

Am here to share more about my work and learn from other scholars :)

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