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Hi everyone!
I'm an undergraduate student of . I'm interested in , , , , , etc.
I'm looking forward to meeting others and participating in discussions.

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@ansugeisler At the end of the day, it's my job to not have that stuff happen

But I appreciate your graciousness

From now on, in situations like this, I will disable accounts, then wait, and then only delete them later, once the dust has settled, to be sure this never happens again

@ansugeisler Today I f-ed up by:

Seeing a report that involved a free speech extremist on my instance

Assuming that he was the one being reported, and not the other way around

Thinking no deeper than "oh yeah this one can go asap" and clicking delete :(

I'm so sorry

New emoji :ProgressivePride: (copied from the instance at—thank you!)

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Hi people!

I am doing a PhD in Physics.

I am here on Mastodoc (I'll let that typo be, given the audience) because it is at the intersection of my top two interests: academia and free software.

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Hi everyone! I'm about to start a PhD in Linguistics. I previously studied pure and applied math.

Research interests: computational pragmatics, formal semantics, machine learning (primary); phonology, historical linguistics (secondary).

Casual academic interests: philosophy of language, political discourse, (Catholic) sacramental theology.

Personal interests: cats, hiking/camping, music (especially prog rock, jazz, and hip hop).

Site etiquette indicates my first toot should be by way of an introduction. Seldom comfortable tooting my own horn (pun intended)* I'll keep this brief(ish).

I am a philosopher and historian based in Sydney and currently a doctoral candidate at the Macquarie Business School; researching Edmund Burke and his implications for executive leadership.

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