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New users here, so I'll start regularly posting bits of Mastodon etiquette!

One thing that might be new is having to think about what privacy setting to use for your posts

For a lot of posts, you probably want Unlisted—not Public!

Unlisted posts go to your followers and they're boostable; off-topic posts are allowed and encouraged

Public posts go on the Local Timeline; and for, Public posts should be "on topic" (topic is: academia, teaching, learning—if in doubt, use a CW)

Hello!! I just found this instance and it seems like a cool place to be.

I'm Maxine, I go to school in the US, where I'm in my senior year of undergrad. I am studying computer science, and working on research to use machine learning to analyze solar data and predict solar flares.

My main account is on @maxine if you want to check that out!

So, I SUCK @ doing these sort of stuff but I'll try.

My name is Veronica. I'm currently a nursing student attempting to get an RN here in the US. I love to short stories. Although, with school, it hasn't been happening as much unless it's school-related. I love biological sciences & history, traveling, reading, and video games (hello Spider-man PS4 and AC: Odyssey).

But I'm happy to be here and hope to interact with you guys soon.

Hello! I'm a 20 year old US college student currently studying abroad in Germany. I speak English and German, but want to learn many more languages. I'm majoring in Gender studies and German. I'm also a filmmaker. Other than that: queer, pagan, polyamorous, transmasc nb, leftist, (etc etc etc) I'm here as a refugee from the and communities, hoping to make new friends following the .

New scholars hello! 


I'm an English Language Teacher at universities in Japan and an early career applied linguist. I research listening and phonology as well as task-based language teaching and using corpus linguistics to inform language teaching.

I work as part of the Cooperativa Serveis Linguistics de Barcelona as a materials developer, corpus builder and teacher educator.

I speak English well and Japanese OK-ish. I can understand German enough to watch Dark.


Re-introduction: I teach and write philosophy. Mostly philosophy of language, metaphysics, and logic. I'm trying to get good at backgammon.

Hello. My name's John. I'm an undergraduate student looking forward to my days at the graduate school. My majors are Polish Language and Linguistic Engineering. But I intend on sticking to just linguistics after I graduate. Err.. Be my friend? I don't know how to end this.

Hi! I'm a PhD student in Computational Immunology, focused on Natural Killer cells. Generally into learning more things about biology, math, and CS stuff! Never managed to get into twitter, but I really like the model here at Mastodon and wanted to try supporting it

Hey Y'all, I'm a 20yr old undergraduate getting her bachelors in History so that I can become a high-school teacher at some point!

My interests outside of school are drawing, painting, writing, coffee, and lots of Netflix.

I speak Brazilian Portuguese (I was born in Sao Paulo!) and I'll be learning Spanish come January. Can't wait to meet y'all!

👌 👋

Hi! I'm a 25 year old, Registered Practical Nurse (LPN) who is currently back in school getting my bachelors of nursing.

My interests outside of school include movies, music, mythology and history.

I speak Spanish and some French, and am always ready to meet new people.


Hi new scholars!

Can't believe I haven't done one for ages, so here goes:

⚕️medical student who is really enjoying it at the moment

🚑 uni-wise, interested in pre-hospital/emergency medicine

🔬 casually interested in and social determinants of health and 🎮 narrative-based games

🎻 plays viola

Re- for the wave of new folks?

I'm a masters student and TA in communication and rhetorical studies, currently finishing up a thesis using methods from discourse analysis to examine how identities--in particular, gendered identities--are constructed, applied, and disputed on 4chan's /r9k/ board. Coming soon, to a Proquest near you.

In general, my interests revolve around: new materialism, post- humanism, internet studies, and discourse analysis.

I don't bite. Well, sometimes.

Hi! Not sure how this works, but I guess I should do an . I'm Margrét, 28, grad student in History of Religion, desperately trying to finish that thesis! My main interests are religion, archaeology, history, and anthropology. I love traveling with my husband and reading as much as I can.

Hi! This is my I guess? I'm an undergrad studying history and I study a lot! I love learning about tons of things like art, science, history, and everything in between.

Hello all my name is Alana, she/her pronouns. I'm an undergrad major and minor in living in California graduating this month. My interests include and many more.
Outside of academia in my personal life I'm pan I live with my partner one dog, one cat, and three guinea pigs. I'm a atheist but I'm very much interested in world religions especially pre-Christian.

hEllo, I'm a 18 year old psychology diploma student who doesn't know what to write in their but wants to make an effort to introduce themself to strangers on the internet

So um


I'm Finn, 34, an undergrad majoring in anthropology with a concentration in environmental sustainability and a minor in sociology. I have fibromyalgia, which presents a unique struggle with energy vs. coursework.

I'm also a single parent, queer, trans, and an amateur astronomer. In my free time, I enjoy playing MMOs, stargazing, and probably drinking more tea than what may be healthy.

Feel free to talk to me about basically anything, I'm fascinated by a huge swath of subjects!

hello! my name is kat, I'm an undergraduate astronomy & astrophysics and physics double major at a school somewhere in PA. Currently I'm working in a particle astrophysics lab, though that may change in the near future.

Obviously I'm super interested in space, but I am also absolutely fascinated by history, anthropology, and linguistics- so don't be surprised if you see me pop up in your notifications☺️

it's nice to meet all of you

Hello all! I'm a life sciences nerd who currently works as teaching lab and research lab support at an undergraduate university. I'm very excited to join this community, and look forward to seeing all the different research and exploration y'all are doing!

Feel free to stop by for a chat or a brainstorm session. Or ask me about my random !

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