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Hi! I'm a sophomore undergrad working towards a career. I am really enthusiastic about and would love to learn all I can from other people! My hobbies include using JSTOR to look up random terms or concepts to see what I find and scifi/fantasy!

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The instance at has been silenced and media-blocked from Scholar Social (their policies allow untagged adult content)

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On my alt account (@bgcarlisle) I'm having a discussion about a potential new instance policy:

If you have thoughts, feel free to weigh in!

I guess I should do a post as well.

I mostly will post things related to and with a bit of thrown in the mix

Hi all! I'm James, an older student who is graduating from San Francisco State in two weeks with and degrees. I work as a research technician in a wetland ecology lab at the Estuary & Ocean Science Center, SF State's satellite campus for marine sciences. I'm moving to Seattle within two months and am hoping to find work as a research technician until I start grad school next fall (provided I get into one of the programs I applied for!). Nice to meet you all!

Hi all, I'm James, a law academic working at the University of Tokyo, Japan. Teaching and writing on and (obviously...), and their intersection. Additional interests in and . Speaker of English and Japanese (and reader of French). The rest of my time is filled with caffeine and martial arts.

Re-posting & pinning my for any new folks:

Hi, I am an academic , information scientist, computer scientist, (theoretically) and amateur into:

/ ,
legal studies,
political theory & economics (MMT, etc),
, and
( and , etc).

I like music and ().

An if you will.


I'm a third year classics undergrad from the UK and you can call me Kody. I'm coming from the and I hope I can find other classicists on here - hit me up if you ever want to talk about Plato, tragedy, the Iliad, or Cassandra (the topic of my dissertation which I may or may not be procrastinating on right now).

This may raise the question, So when should I CW a post?

On, we have a list of things where CW's are required:

But beyond that, if you see people asking for CW's on a particular subject, add them! It costs you almost nothing and it can be very helpful for maintaining the kind of space we want here

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Hey everyone! I'm Frank, and I'm a PhD candidate who works on Japanese Media Studies and Disability Theory at Stanford University. My primary work explores the material and cultural dimensions of assistive technologies and popular portrayals of Deafness in Japan. Other interests include machine learning, journalism, video game studies, film and television studies, and communications. I'm new to Mastodon but very excited about finding it. Nice to meet you! (よろしくお願いします!)

More Masto etiquette

Content Warnings may be new to many of you

Try to think of them as being similar to the Subject line of an email

They're not censorship; they're not a punishment; they're not something that need only be applied in cases where the content is very offensive

They're a piece of meta-data that it is polite to provide and that you're expected to supply in certain cases to help others to decide whether/when to engage with your post

Hi, I'm Chloé, 24 and I'm a masterstudent in industrial engineering with the focus on environmental sciences at the University of Ghent, Belgium. My thesis subject is biochar used in constructed wetlands. But I have a broad interest in all kinds of science such as biology, astrology, medicine and overall engineering!
Looking forward to meeting you all!!

hi all, I'm branching out from the, I'm 36, completing my Bachelor thesis for at Metropolitan University Prague, Czech Republic, and gunning for Masters and then PhD in the same. My main topic of interest are and

Hi all,

I've arrived here from Tumblr dot com. I'm beginning my first year of law school in Feb 2019. I'm looking to make friends with other students.

Guess where I'm coming from? Tumblr! I'm a geology undergrad looking to become a planetary geologist.

Coming over from the nightmare that is Tumblr.
I'm a Graduate student of History. Currently studying trade and piracy in the Early Modern period in Spanish colonies of the Americas.

i guess...
I'm an american high schooler with interests with architecture. I came from a masterpost on tumblr and this place looked here I am...I also have interests in writing...not gonna lie but I don't post often so this might be my only post...thanks I can't wait to find out more about this community... :)))

Hello folks.

I guess I'm also coming over from Tumblr. Been thinking about switching over to Mastodon for a long time but never got around to it.

I'm a literature grad student in Quebec, Canada. I'm currently writing a thesis on medieval French romances, specifically the continuations of Chrétien de Troyes' Conte du Graal. French is my first language.

I'm an independent scholar, currently funded by the National Science Foundation, to better understand the open source patient advocacy movement. I'm looking at the intersections among these communities' efforts, the regulatory policy, and commercial medical device manufacturers. Past work focused on and patient advocates.

Hello all,

Yet another Tumblr refugee here. I'm currently a student earth sciences looking to get his bachelor's degree. will mostly be lurking in the corner until I've figured this website out.

I'm focusing on deep earth and geochemistry, but I'm also interested in climate change and a massive host of other topics.

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