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Hi everyone, I am a phd student of linguistics. I am working on historical reconstruction and documenting minority languages in eastern Indonesia. Great to join this platform!

Hi everyone! I'm a postdoc working in and , and all-round science enthusiast. Hobbies include diaper-changing, Linux distro hopping, boardgaming and wistfully planning to go hiking or jogging.

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I'm an artist and adjunct professor in southern California. My research and practice is in creative coding, experimental video, music technology, and interactivity.

I’m a professor, a computational materials scientist, and a vice dean of undergraduate education. My big questions are: How does glass fail at the atomic scale? How can we quantify structural disorder? How do students learn to deploy computing in a disciplinary context? How can the physical sciences and engineering become more welcoming to LGBTQ folks? How can we make STEM relevant to kids growing up in disinvested communities in Baltimore? 🌈❤️

Hello, I'm a French student engineer, currently studying in Japan for a double degree. I'm majoring in textile engineering and chemistry, but my true passion is health care and medicine, so I'll try to specialize in medical devices / medical textiles or maybe even "reboot" my studies and go to a medical school someday if I can.
I'm also a part-time English teacher and I love playing music.


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Hi! I'm an undergrad in information science and management, interested in the history of programming languages and their design, linguistics, history, and general science :)

Hello world! I'm an educator, author, entrepreneur, and lawyer. I've been working in bitcoin & open blockchains full time since early 2014. I teach lawyers about these technologies. Much of my work focuses on security & cryptoasset inheritance planning. I've published one book on the topic and working on my second. Currently researching inheritance policies of third party custodians of cryptocurrencies. Please let me know if I can be of help to you in your projects.

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Hi everyone! I'm a research scientist (postdoc) working with cell biology, genetics, molecular biology projects. Basic science in a hospital-affiliated lab. Let me know if you have any grad school questions.

Hi all! I am a k12 teacher and co-director of @CLD. I believe that using within a critical-thinking framework (aka ) will give us just and equitable schools. I've done some praxis-based writing and publishing about our experiments with this - I'll post links if folks are interested. Here for ideas in the worlds of , (liquid? Deliberative? Participatory?), and .
Looking forward to connecting!

Hi folks, I'm a researcher in the areas of media law and media governance, specifically looking into regulatory issues of mediated communication in a datafied society. I'm currently working on legal issues of AI-based communication and automated decision-making systems, (social) bot communication and the limitations of transparency/disclosure as a regulatory resource. Based in Hamburg, Germany. Looking forward to contributing outputs and insights.

Honestly, i‘m a bit overwhelmed. Thanks for all the welcoming comments. I have to say, i‘m completely new to Mastodon (should have mentioned that maybe) I hope, i can contribute something useful.

Hi all. I'm an undergraduate (sophomore) double majoring in physics and mathematics. I'm new to Mastodon, so I apologize if I've posted this in the wrong place. I'm currently researching topologically insulating superconductors. My current interests are quantum computing, chaos theory, and other nonlinear or non classically deterministic systems, but my first love will always be astrophysics.

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Ahem, . I've actually been outside of academia for a while. Long sob story. I am still interested in studying the history of the US labor movement with a focus on its relation to civil liberties and black power. But I'm mostly just interested in seeing and reading about all the cool stuff that you guys do.

Hi everyone,
i'm teaching at a vocational school in germany and i'm interested in e-learning as well as solutions for individual learning. And beside that: i really like the idea of mastodon and i'm curious to be a part of this instance.
Looking forward to ...

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