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So, Steno here, postdoc currently giving it a try in academia.
Later on who knows, but in any case i promise I will try to keep the little grey cells playing. I believe that a broad transversal education can make science better (yep, even "hard" ones).

Hi all, pleased to meet you! I'm a returning student originally from Boston (now near Cuba) who studied accounting and finance; I'm now studying analytics in one of those midlife career change moves that happen fairly frequently. I'm happy to be back and excited to share ideas and questions with you all. Technology in education and in the public sector are some of the topics I love reading about; my last research paper was about the role of blockchain in public administration.

hi i'm nance! i'm a student studying sign language rhyme and prosody. i also dig learning about cryptanalysis. dan everett liked one of my tweets once

non scholarly stuff: i'm a jewish american from baltimore and i live in sydney. i unironically love the cricket and i'll have a small soy flat white no sugar thanks!

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Hello all. I am a student who belong some Japanese small college. I'm majoring English. I love reading most, Japanese and English ones both. These days I started Mastodon then I joined this instance. I would like to know how English speaking people thinking esp. formal communities. What's more I'm always struggling several English & IT certification exams, for my future jobs. Then, I'm trying to be much nicer man. Thanks.

I’m a geographer working on climate justice and currently focussed on coal. Check out my website if you want the longer version 😉. I’m here intrigued by the possibility of social media without the shouting. Also, I structure my procrastination by over-optimising my computer workflows (i.e. waste time devising ways to save time)

hello all, I’m a librarian with experience in academic and public libraries. I love the field of librarianship, and almost every librarian I meet is good people. I’m into speculative fiction, old cookbooks, and exploring digital privacy. Hope to learn and grow here. :)

So I've posted this to my twitter but let's also post it here: I'm picking up they/them pronouns and dropping everything else. Also, I don't believe anyone here but people who already follow me elsewhere know me by other names but I'm also dropping everything but my was-a-penname-now-just-a-name.

So yeah! Loki, they/them. Destroyer of Facts and Logic™️.

I'm finally on mastadon! And inspired by @bgcarlisle I'm on Lets see if I use this more than twitter...

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Hey, hey! I'm a grad student, currently based in Germany and working on microbiology, specifically archaea. Never heard this word before? Glad you asked, I'll be happy to talk about it :)

Hi. I’m Erik, a media studies scholar in Michigan. Interests include film studies, video games, and digital humanities. New to federated social media and trying to find my way around.

I guess I should have done the post months ago, but here I am:

Hello, I recently graduated from Univ. of California, Los Angeles. I have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, and will be pursuing a master degree in the area of robotics at ETH Zürich. I learnt some German at UCLA and I hope to survive in Zürich (academically and literally (just kidding)). A journal article from my undergrad lab with my name on it should be out soon™, cheers!

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My name is Clay! I'm a sophomore at Morehead State University in Kentucky. My major is geospatial science - basically, using satellites to observe the Earth!

My minor is global studies. I think the ability to understand data doesn't matter very much if one can't apply it to people in a respectful way, with their enthusiastic consent.

Other interests of mine include: amateur radio, watching trains, gardening, banjo-playing, and weaving!

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