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I'm an immunology PhD student trying to "wrap up" / get my main project published. I've done a lot of cellular-based signaling assays in primary mouse cells, but going forward I'm very interested in functional genomics and single cell transcriptions in an immunological setting - particularly when it intersects with immunotherapies.

i am a graduate in engineering and am currently pursuing bachelor's in arts. i often struggle with my studies

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I'm a queer latino PhD student working in microbiology in the middle of nowhere, Germany.
Biology stuff is cool but also linguistics, archaeology and astro-stuff, -logy mostly but -nomy is ok when is not western or modern.
, and all-forms-of-anti-capitalism advocate

Hi all, I'm a lecturer at the University of Auckland, studying human neuromechanics, stroke, and early cerebral palsy. I believe in , , , , , , , and .

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Hello World! This is a joint account for the Department of Medical Informatics of the University Medical Center Göttingen. Our research helps shaping the future of health information systems and medical research.
Today, Markus and Jendrik take part in a FHIR data modelling workshop in the beautiful historic buildings at Berlin Charité

Hi! I am a recent phd in bioinformatics (actually specialized in the application of machine learning in some omics fields). I have moved from academia to industry and work now as a data scientist in a variety of topics. I enjoy being up to date in academic topics and am interested in the progress of open science and the expansion of the scientific community outside of academia! Hope to have a chance to be exposed to interesting ideas in this instance :)

Hi all :) I'm working on a PhD on , specifically studying the for science movement. As an activist I'm interested in feminist approaches to tech which I try to implement in meet ups, workshops, etc. A big part of my time goes to working as open as STS lets me, another big part goes to WikiData because I love it. Beautiful communities are what keep me existing through late capitalism, so here I am in Mastodon <3.

hallöchen! I’m a Brazilian trans woman living in Germany working on Japanese dialectal fieldwork (long story). Interests include fantasy fiction, imaginary languages, free software, comic books, intersectional veganism, cute cuddly things, and supporting anticapitalist revolutions to bring down the whole rotten edifice :HeartTrans:

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pronouns: they/them

I'm a PhD student in American Culture/Digital Studies at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Research interests include:
- digital visual cultures
- contemporary theories of resistance and radical politics
- prison abolition
- fascism and white supremacy
- infrastructure studies

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