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Recommendations for the March 2020 #JournalClub 

My name is Caio Geraldini. I am a lawyer, I like and study Hellenistic culture and subjects involving literature. I hope to contribute and learn a lot here.

Meu nome é Caio Geraldini. Sou advogado, gosto e estudo sobre a cultura helenista e assuntos envolvendo literatura. Espero contribuir e aprender bastante aqui.

Hello there! I just got my degree in History by State University of Maringá, Brazil. I studied Forestry years ago but now I work teaching History to high and middle school. I'm interested all things science. My going to be Master degree project comes around the production of teaching materials about History of Brazil to public schools.

Hello! My name is Guilherme Fitzgibbon. I am a Brazilian diplomat currently based in Berlin, here for entirely personal purposes, and recently migrated my account from I work with and study science & technology and internet governance issues, especially from the policy side. My idea is to more read/listen than publish anything. I'm currently not affiliated with academia in any way - just an admirer for now!

Hello! I'm a researcher at Harvard's Shorenstein Center working on disinformation, censorship, and media manipulation in general. Glad this place exists :)

hi fedi! i'm a queer chinese undergrad student in southern california interested in english lit, mythology, dead languages, translation, and game dev. nice to meet you!

I am an undergrad in chemistry in UnB Brazil
For what's worth, my project with my teacher was about 3D printing lab equipment, namely, an electrode to make a condutometric titration
We couldn't fully make it though

hi, I'm a social scientist from UFMS-Brazil. Actually an undergrad language student and (I hope) a future school teacher. I'm a Cornelius Castoriadis reader, interested in political theory and sociology.

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Hello! I'm Alessandra, Chemical Engineer with a PhD in Materials Engineering. I'm currently working in R&D in the private sector while still collaborating with my former supervisor in academia. A bit of both worlds :)

My research topics are polymers, polymer composites, and natural fibers and their surface treatments.

Hi! I'm an academic GP (a UK based primary care doctor). My clinical work is generally with injecting drugs users. Academically, I'm more teaching orientated at a med school but I'm also involved with substance misuse, injecting drug use and drug policy. I'm also an editor at the British Journal of General Practice.

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Hi! I'm a Lecturer in Computer Science at Aston University UK. My research is at the intersection of Optimisation + Data Science. I work both on the development of new algorithms and on applications in areas as distinct as power systems and bioinformatics.

Hello there! I'm a professor of organic and medicinal at a public University in Brazil. My research interests are the design and development of bioactive compounds (specially looking for new anticancer, antiparasitic and anticoagulant molecules). I am also interested in the synthesis of .

Hello everyone! I'm Sidnei and I'm a doctoral student in computational modeling from FURG/Brazil, currently working with classification in fuzzy domains with unbalanced data, predominantly with large databases. I'm also an entrepreneur in the area of information technology.

Hey, I'm a postdoc in vertebrate palaeontology at the natural history museum Stuttgart, in Germany. I work with anatomy, functional morphology, and systematics of reptiles. I used to work with stem-archosaur braincases, esp. inner ears, but now I'm into early lepidosauromorphs and basal diapsids. I use CT scans. And I do scicomm in Portugese on a Podcast.

Hello everyone! I'm from Brazil, professor at Federal University of Viçosa, Minas Gerais State. I'm biologist, Msc i Cell Biology and DSc in Genetics and Evolution. I work with Evolutionary and Ecological genetics of Neotropic fish. Now we are going to use genomic tools.

I also am engaged with science outreach, with podcasts, print newspapers for high school students and websites. And a blog for spread some political, science and fiction subjects.

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Hi, I’m Daniela, I teach Model United Nations and Brazilian Social Studies at an international school in Brazil. Looking forward to interacting with you all.

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