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Reminder that it is an expectation of users on to add descriptions to images in your posts that are descriptive enough to replace the image for those who cannot see them

Hello! I'm Jonathan and my identity on here will mostly be as a Master's* student. My interests are primarily in computer science and in particular , but can range from mathematics to logic to physics.

For those of you coming from my alt account, assuming I remember to post here, I cannot guarantee a decrease in shitposts, only an increase in their tastefulness.

* soon...

Hi all! I'm a computer scientist/graph theorist/algorithmicist of some sort. I'm currently a postdoc but looking for a more permanent position.

My work, as might be guessed, is all to do with getting computers to do things, fast. Everything from matching things to things (e.g., teachers to schools) efficiently, to fancy things like parameterised complexity.

I'm here just to find people to occasionally talk to, and build some sort of community.

Howdy folks 🤠 I'm a Rhetoric MA student in the Upper Midwest (US). I also teach a section of first year composition!

My current work is on protest rhetorics, sexuality, and digital culture studies. I'll be (re)posting some WIPs on here occasionally.

Otherwise, expect posts on culture jamming, upheavals in academia, and sex from me 👍

I hope to meet more people in rhet and comp through this instance and queer scholars across disciplines :HeartPride:

Greetings, everyone. I teach philosophy and English courses at a historically black university in the southern United States.

I am here to network with like-minded professionals and to provide an open channel for communication with my students.

My name is Felipe, I am a MSc student in the Bioinformatics program at Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) and graduated in Biology. I have interest in making new work partnerships!

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CW's are expected for Public posts that include:

🍍 Covid-19
🍍 current events (includes: US or non-US, local, national, international, and should be applied regardless of whether sources are academic or non-partisan)
🍍 high-conflict or otherwise exhausting issues of popular debate (e.g. climate change, GMO's, privacy issues, elections, etc.)

For more details see


I am a teacher (EBTT) at the Federal Institute of Mato Grosso do Sul (IFMS / 2018). Graduated in History from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS / 2011) and Technologist in Analysis and Systems Development (IFMS / 2015). I am a master in Applied Computing at UFMS / 2019. My research covers the field of applied computing for both agriculture and livestock, both with an emphasis currently on IoT (Internet of things).


Sou professor (EBTT) do Instituto Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (IFMS/2018). Formado em História pela Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS/2011) e Tecnólogo em Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas (IFMS/2015). Sou mestre em computação Aplicada pela UFMS/2019. Minhas pesquisas abrangem o campo da computação aplicada tanto para a agricultura quanto para a pecuária, ambas com ênfase atualmente em IoT (Internet das coisas).

Hello, thanks for having me.

I'm a PhD student doing research in nlp, formerly a big data engineer and had something to do with pretty much everything CS (except javascript).

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"Can I ask for help (financial or otherwise) on"

Yes, absolutely

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Hi all. I'm mainly a programmer/ data scientist. I think a lot about those things and how we could use them for the common good. Aside from that I'm also quite interested in social justice, philosophy and art. I'm not currently in any research position but still like to do research and science communication in my spare time. If you need a CS/ statistics person for some help, feel free to reach out! I'm also starting a blog about basically anything on

Hi to all! I discussed my PhD thesis almost two years ago, I have a PhD in Philosophy, and my research field was philosophy of music, aesthetics, and political philosophy. I had some problems during my PhD (health and psychological problems, mobbing) and I discussed my thesis without any pubblication. After a couple of years I would like to try to enter again in the research field, and I joined this instance to ask for advice to others academics in order to find advice.

#JournalClub for 2020 April 

From the suggestions I have received for , the following was randomly chosen:

Academic Research in the 21st Century: Maintaining Scientific Integrity in a Climate of Perverse Incentives and Hypercompetition :OpenAccess:


The submitter is welcome to de-anonymize themself and introduce why they wanted to read it—or not!

Instance policy on April fools' day 

Reminder that will not be participating in April fools' day, and a preemptive warning to be judicious in your choice of "jokes"

🍍 Content warnings MUST be accurate and descriptive
🍍 "It was April fools' day" is not an excuse for violations of our Community Standards
🍍 If you do something sexist/racist/anti-queer, even if you do it "as a gag" or "ironically," you are still doing that *in real life,* and will be treated as such

Short / :

👨🏾‍🚀, geeky medical student pursuing a career in Aerospace Medicine

🔬 with other professional interests, including: healthcare management, informatics, & medical research

🎮 fanboy, hobbyist programmer, and digital privacy & rights activist

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