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Thank you @ksteimel for an amazing talk on universal dependency and Swahili.

We got to learn about the inclusion of Bantu languages, clitics, the layout of Swahili, and how do you navigate systems built for European languages.

is exploring languages in multitudes.

Join us tomorrow for Day 8 with @kimreece to learn about Math - specifically the Kronecker-Weber theorem

Morning everyone.
is teaching you Math today

Kim Reece @kimreece at 5pm UTC will be teaching us the Kronecker-Weber theorem

is still happening on the weekend
come see @ksteimel 's presentation on Swahili at
8pm UTC.

A great end of class!

Thank you to @TeethTeethTeeth and @adugas for their wonderful presentations!

We moved across place and space.

Join us tomorrow at 8pm UTC to learn about Swahili!


Please don't respond with 'thank you' when I send out the emails with links for the talks.
I email around 60 people. I love all of y'all, and you're so sweet, but your sweetness is destroying my inbox.
I do feel very appreciated though.


If you were unable to attend my conference where I presented La Sangre Llama, shoot me a message and I will give you a link

Second session time - join @adugas to learn about Space

Space is the place y'all

Would anyone be interested in helping do graphic design for a github website?

DM us

Good morning friends. It is Day 6 of
Don't forget Teeth's talk at 8pm UTC
Alison Dugas 11pm UTC


I'm giving a talk on Swahili in Universal dependencies on Saturday at 4 EST, 8 UTC for .
If you're interested in formal grammar, natural languages, machine learning or changing a round hole to fit a square peg, you might enjoy it.

What a great end up Day 5 of

Thank you to @CaribenxMarciaX and @bookandswordblog

Tomorrow we will be hearing from
@TeethTeethTeeth on grounded normativity, indigeneity, and spatial solidarity


@adugas on the age of red dwarf stars.

I can't wait to see all y'all tomorrow.

I am fully excited now for the talk!!!

talk on Latin American colonial history, art, philosophy and Black womens artistic production WHAT??


At 10pm UTC @koosli will be covering how scientists determine "correct" temperatures and what that means for us as humans and also the environment.

You asked, and we provided.

Here's our playlist.
If you're a mod or presenter, DM me what you want to add!

Big thank you to Ben @b and Josh @jrc03c for their presentations today!

I learned a lot about some free interesting software (Guided Track n Positively), and some fun facts about patent law.

Kat @koosli will be presenting 10pm UTC on the world of temperature settings, how the hell scientists figured them out, and what their impacts are

Blake @bstacey will be presenting 6pm UTC to let us know some lessons from quantum physics.

It's a full day of science at

Get ride for our second talk of today with

Ben Klemens who is going to educate us on why a one size fits all patent law can't work

I expect to leave this talk ready to run a court room 馃槑

hi friends! don't forget if you record your presentations to send them to
me or @cxli

I'll be giving a ~25 minute talk on Tuesday the 28th explaining why patents don't work for complex inventions like software or whatever you're reading this on. There will be bonus slides about how Amazon et al use patents to avoid taxes.

7/28 @11pm UTC.
It's part of the incredible #SummerSchool program put together by the Masto instance. Sign up for all their talks here:

Paper DOI: 10.1007/s13132-020-00629-1

I'm postponing my talk from tomorrow to five days from now at 11pm GMT, considering Hurricane Douglas and my neighborhood's propensity for power outages

My apologies for the late notice! Excited (and nervous) to talk to everyone later this week :)

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